Characteristics of a Student Centered Classroom

Characteristics of a Student Centered Classroom

In student-centered classrooms, students are the focus and they play the center role where they are actively engaged in their learning process in a collaborative nature along with their peers and under the guidance of their teacher.

Students turn into active learners where they learn by doing, engaging, and interacting. The teacher takes a back seat and students come out taking challenges and exploring new aspects of their learning.

Below are some characteristics of student-centered classrooms that you might want to consider before reshaping your classroom.


One major aspect of student centered learning is interaction. Be it between students or students and the teacher. If students are actively engaged in conversation then they will learn more. A more student-focused class provides multiple opportunities for students to discuss ideas in small groups and may support a whole class discussion. One simple measure of this is the proportion of the class dedicated to students talking to one another. Students – teacher interaction may happen less in a student-focused classroom but teachers work as the guide on the side. Some activities like research may need students to work without teacher but the presence of teacher gives them the satisfaction to run up to their guide when they need to.

Lesson Design and Implementation

Now when learning is going to place with maximum involvement by students then the lesson design needs to be upgraded keeping this thing in mind. when teacher will know that students are going to carry all the activities effectively (which will take time), it will be easier for  the teacher to design and implement a more student centric lesson that will compliment the learning styles of the classroom. And that lesson would be something that is organized to explicitly engage students with their existing ideas and actively explores new concepts through authentic inquiry can help students to change what they already know, make connections, and integrate this new knowledge.

Students’ Voice In Evaluation

Numbers, percentages, grades, and report cards do not speak of a children‘s complete learning. The aim of education is not just to do good academically but also to blossom as a person and that definitely isn’t reflected in any report. If you are involved in a student-focused classroom, it is usually driven by narrative follow backs. This dialogue between teacher and students play an important role in their learning. Involving students in conversations about their learning not only builds trust, but also helps them become critics of their own work, which is a remarkable part of the amazing student-centered classroom.

Technology Integration

It doesn’t really matter if your class is filled with all latest technology. What really means is how well your class is using that technology and how effective it is being proved in the classroom activities. There is just so much that students can do with technology. There are so many web tools that can aid teaching in wonderful ways. Also, students always love to try their hand at new technologies so integrating tech makes them eager to actively participate in class activities.    

Opt for Ongoing Projects

Who doesn’t like choices? Ongoing projects are essential as they lead to excellence. The key to ongoing projects is to provide plenty of project choices that enable students to demonstrate what they are learning.

What’s your take on student-focused classrooms? What other characteristics are important to define a student centered classrooms?

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