Top Web Resources to Motivate Teachers to Practice Project Based Learning

Top Web Resources to Motivate Teachers to Practice Project Based Learning

Engagement, collaboration, interaction, exploration, ownership, evaluation, authority, research and a lot more that you will notice your students “DOING” when you switch to project based learning.

PBL is practiced widely by educators around the globe as the benefits are simply rewarding and amazing.

Check out these project based learning resources to learn more about the same and get motivated to do so.

Pinterest Boards To Follow

PBL Project Based Learning by Debbie Foley

This board by a kindergarten teacher will lead you to many wonderful resources including projects that you can use, methods that you can integrate and other resources for a deeper understanding and experience of project based learning and teaching.

Project Based Learning by Aysin Alp

This board by an English Teacher, Head of Foreign Languages Department at TED İstanbul Foundation Schools is a must check for all. The board is a collection of amazing resources including questions that drive projects, classroom management tips for PBL, step-by-step guides for some of the best projects and more. 

Project Based Learning by Cathy Russell  

This board by an art teacher will get you many best art resources. A great place for art teachers to know more about PBL. 

And this board by Kristen Albright, NBCT Elementary Librarian, tech enthusiast and an instructional media coach is a must follow up to get the best of resources on Project Based Learning.

You can also follow her on twitter @albrightteacher 


1. Project Based Learning Explained

A simple video that explains all the advantages of PBL. The way students learn by PBL and develops deeper understanding of their subjects.

2. Five Keys To Rigorous Project Based Learning  

Watch students learn via projects in this amazing video. You will observe the teacher turning into a facilitator. Watch yourself and learn more about PBL.

3. Project Based Learning and iPad Integration

A very interesting video that not just explains the benefits of Project Based Learning but also highlights the integration of technology making it even better.

4. Transformed by Technology and Project Based Learning: High Tech High    

High Tech High, a network of k-12 schools shows how they use this approach and the video shows the students practicing and learning. Watch and you would want to modify your teaching dynamics right away!

Readings to Know it All (Almost!)

Best Tools For Project Based Learning

A list of some great tools like Evernote, Dipity and more that will compliment your project based learning.

Dos and Don’ts for Project Based Learning

List of dos and don’ts you must consider before starting with PBL in your classroom.

Teaching Real Life Skills Through A Project Based Learning Model

A fine read to know about the VR Quest model of teaching. Know more on how PBL can help students learn effectively.

STEAM + Project Based Learning: Real Solution From Driving Questions

A great read from eduTopia that will walk you through the implementation of PBL in STEAM. Get all the insights as how it is done. The article covers how students are engaged in their learning, takes ownership and collaborates seamlessly when involved in Project Based Learning.

17 Teacher Tech Tools For High Quality Project Based Learning

A great list that will cover web tools to aid your PBL classroom that will help you with design & plan, alignment to standards, culture building, managing the activities, student engagement and coaching, student learning and assessment.

A Collection Of Project Based Learning End Products

An amazing collection of projects made by kindergarten, early elementary, middle and high school students. The motive to cite tis resources is for you to understand how you need to go about involving your students on any project. Get detailed information on every project and views of students involved in the making of the same. 

6 Strategies For Differentiated Instruction In Project Based Learning

6 different strategies for educators to try and differentiate in PBL. Covers some of the important aspects like individual work and balanced teamwork. Mini lessons, reflection and goal setting in a project based classroom.

How The 21st Century Fluencies Grow With Project Based Learning    

The 6Ds, that are define, discover, dream, design, deliver and debrief of solution frequency that are used by students in a PBL classroom. A must read to understand the mix of 21st century skills in a project based learning environment.   

And this community that you must join on G+

Reggio/Project Based Learning

This community is for all the educators who are inspired by Reggio Emilia Approach and project based learning. Share practices and get to communicate with like-minded people from around the globe via this community.

Any other resource that you have liked for practicing project based learning?

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