What Education Entrepreneurs Miss When Selling to Schools

What Education Entrepreneurs Miss When Selling to Schools

Being an education entrepreneur can be difficult, as the conception of education isn’t considered entrepreneurial by nature.

Deriving better technologies and better products for schools is a great deed but selling those to the same can be hectic. Selling to school means selling any product or service that is for teachers, administration or the pupils, i.e. the students.

Few tips are mentioned below so that you don't miss what majority of education entrepreneurs miss while selling to schools:

Nobody Cares Unless You Heal The Pain Point:

Reaching out without understanding the pain points of the institution may disappoint you. Before reaching out get a knack of the technologies that are being used in the school, compare the tools that they are using to what you are going to sell. Make sure that you have something different to offer or something that they are in need of. Content creation plays a major role here, as what they will read about your product creates a strong impact on them.  

Don’t Just Sell, Educate Them:

A big mantra for every entrepreneur goes for you as well. You don’t just have to sell but educate your market about your product. Teach them in and out of your product. The more details you provide the better chance you have.   

Don’t Pick on Their Lacking:

Telling the school what all changes they need to make or where they are lacking in their ideologies won’t be a good idea. Don’t pick their loose points instead tell them how your product would be beneficial for them. Have your way with words and provide your product as a solution.  

Social Media Selling:

Social media is great but selling directly over social media won’t be a good idea. Instead focus on relationship building.  Make good relations with those dealing in the same community. Having good relations will definitely help you get good grip on the market. By staying in touch, people will get to know you and what you are doing/contributing to the community. Yes you can inform masses about the modifications of your product or special offers on your product but reaching out over social media for sales wont be a good idea.      

Offering things just for money:

Obviously you want to make money by selling your product but keeping this, as the only aim will not help. Schools like to try products before buying them, which is not unreasonable. Be prepared to offer trial periods and consider the “freemium” models that offer a certain level of functionality at no cost and better access with a price. And once your product gains likeability among the community, you won’t have to worry much about making money.       

Say No to Cold Calls:

Calling to sell ain’t going to do any good to you. Usually the decision-making authority within the school is occupied with many other important things. So fix your appointment, meet in person and explain them about your product.  

Don’t Expect Too Much:

Expecting higher returns in the initial stage would only leave you disappointed. Keep working towards it and once the market knows about your product and the results your product is getting you will get your much-deserved returns.  

What strategies do you have to sell your product to schools?

Share with us in the comment section below.

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