How i-Mile is Supporting the Changing Education Dynamics and Processes

How i-Mile is Supporting the Changing Education Dynamics and Processes

Education is a progressive industry; its conventional understanding needs to evolve at a fast pace be it in terms of the pedagogy or the tools that are being used to support the same.

With change in the range of the industry that no longer is limited and moving out of the boundaries, the process is evolving rapidly.

With the use of different technologies, we are witnessing various innovative solutions every day which are trying take the education industry to another level. In this post, I want to introduce one such approach that I came across, which caters to not only to the administrative processes of an institution but also empowers them in their academic excellence, process excellence; and becomes a decision support system to enhance the ecosystem and ensures collaborative education service delivery framework.

“i-Mile stands for Institute Management & Integrated Learning Ecosystem”, an Education ERP platform which is a product of ESSKAE Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India.

i-Mile is a comprehensive platform that has been developed after several research studies, consultations with the education experts & by analyzing industry challenges that hinders the education service deliveries & as a result stagnate the institutions.

In discussions with the company, here's what we found out about problem areas it serves to.

1. Ineffective & Insufficient Assessments Framework: Continuous Teacher assessment and realignment becoming inevitable for the schools & IMILE empowers Institution to effortlessly do that.

2. Effective Pedagogy: Practices that maximize student academic and social learning -

This solution helps in delivery of rigorous curriculum in ways that actively engage students, are clear, and recognize naïve conceptions that students bring to the classroom about the academic content to be learned. i-Mile has the integrated self-learning platform which enables anytime – anywhere learning.

3. School/Institute Management: It helps with the following needs of the institution:

- Motivating Students

- Involving Parents in schoolwork

- Keeping up with technology

- Administering quality of Education

- Automated Administrative Processes, including Automated Time Table Management

- Integrated service delivery – Attendance, Finance, Bank gateways, any other third party application integration.

4. Bandwidth Challenges: This is one of the major concerns of institutions whenever we talk about integrating technology in the institution. With this solution most of the bandwidth consumed in the transactional, mundane activities limiting teacher’s bandwidth for enhancing the value based content delivery.

5. Standardization:Consistency in Education is one important factor and this solution is being able to get that on point.

- Stability & Quality of teachers and specialist result in discrete content and varied content delivery.

- Absence of integrated Learning framework.

6. Collaborative Education delivery system:

- Absence of adequate Parent-Student-Teacher-School communication interface.

- Maintaining & Consolidating Active & positive partnership with Parents.

This modern age product of ESSKAE Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd India is all set to help you achieve the following:

  • Collaborative Learning Experience
  • Standardized Education Delivery
  • Student and Staff- Self Service
  • Individual Progress Monitoring and Development
  • Dashboard and Analytics as per Individual Needs
  • Continuous Resource Assessment Ensuring Quality of Resource
  • Scientific Identification of Students’ Competencies Leading to Relevant Futuristic Planning
  • Improved Parent Interaction and Participation
  • E-learning Enablement
  • Easy Governance
  • Reduced Duplication and Administrative Work
  • Digitization of Internal Process Execution Framework
  • Integration with Third Party Applications and Systems

“Impressed, Inspired & Influenced by not only best practices but the NEXT practices. Leveraging on all these learning's and experiences from the cross section (Educational expertise & Technology know how) of the industry while Conceptualizing & Architecting, they have created an Integrated Learning Ecosystem called i-Mile.

Check out this awesome tool and to know more about i-Mile.

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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