Middle school is a time when our students are searching for themselves and sometimes make mistakes.

In the digital world, those mistakes can be permanent therefore there is a crucial need to provide our students with learning experiences that allow them to make mistake and rectify them. GoEnnounce is a platform that allow us to explore presenting ourselves to the world, yet protecting us.

GoEnnounce is a website for students to develop an online profile about their achievements, their passions and attach pieces they are proud of. It acts like a “LinkedIn” page for students which develops college readiness through a sort of e-portfolio. There is a teacher dashboard to monitor the students and various privacy settings possible.

This is an example of a sample student page (from GoEnnounce YouTube video):


Thanks to this tool, our students go beyond simply “thinking” and “reflecting” about the concept of online responsibility and safety, and are given opportunities to act by developing a positive and creative digital footprint. We coach them regularly in updating their profile, posting about their achievements and challenging themselves with new learning goals.

They take real actions and develop a positive and creative digital footprint which will eventually support their college applications. It helps us empower our students with the important 21st Century and people skills that begin with practicing safe and positive social media and internet use. Our students are also improving their netiquette and literacy skills in the process.

Moreover, we can extend this digital experience and integrate this tool into a larger pedagogical framework. For instance, GoEnnounce can be used to develop eportoflio where students not only show their work and develop a strong sense of authorship but they also write their goals which teachers can follow up with, in particular in the context of personalizing learning.

GoEnnounce truly offers us opportunities to observe students’ creativity while also supporting them in curating an online presence that includes academic and non-academic subjects and celebrate learning.

So, why don’t you check it out today?

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Author: Fanny Passeport

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