Trusted by 60,000+ Schools Across the Globe 'Kivuto' Shares Tips & Expansion Plans

'Kivuto' Trusted by 60,000+ Schools Across the Globe Shares Tips & Expansion Plans

Scaling in the edtech market is not at all an easy task, but seeing good examples can be ray of hope for edtech startups.

With this motive we often reach out to some of successful players in the edtech market from all over the world, one of which is Kivuto Solutions Inc. Here's what you should know about this edtech company which has grown to 60,000+ schools across the globe.

What would be the best way to introduce Kivuto to a new market?

Since 1997, Kivuto Solutions has been committed to improving student success through education technology. Over 60,000 schools in over 195 countries trust Kivuto to manage and distribute software to their students, faculty and staff. Kivuto powers, a portal for providing HigherEd institutions with discounted and free academic software and Texidum, an end-to-end eTextbook delivery solution.

What is Kivuto’s core value proposition? What problem are you solving and for whom?

We help institutions and publishers overcome challenges associated with the distribution and licence management of digital resources. Our distribution platform brings institutions and publishers together to drive an inclusive access model, where students have day-one access to their textbooks anytime, anywhere and on any device. For HigherEd institutions this provides affordable textbooks, for publisher’s reliable, recurring revenues and for students, improved learning outcomes.

What parts of the globe do you already have clients from? What parts of the world are you planning to expand or market in the near future? What kind of partners are you looking for?

We currently have clients in over 195 countries and are looking to further expand the Texidium product into emerging markets like India, Mexico, and others. We are looking for partners that are willing to invest in technologies that will modernize and improve education.

What would be your tips to establish an efficient and effective online presence within the academic market?

When establishing an online presence in the academic market it is crucial to have a deep knowledge of the market and the customer. Depending on where you do business there will be different rules and regulations that will affect various aspects of your business. Knowing your audience is also extremely important as messaging that works for someone who is a student or faculty member won’t necessarily work for a school administrator.

 Where do you see Kivuto in 12 or 18 months from now?

We are looking to actively engage with leading higher education institutions in India that are at the forefront of edtech innovation, with the integration of eText resources to foster better prepared and engaged students.

What are your views about the growth of Education Technology industry globally?

The education technology industry has seen tremendous growth which has given companies such as Kivuto Solutions the opportunity to challenge and change the way things have been traditionally done through close collaboration with institutions. This growth in learning analytics excites us as it will enable universities to see how students are engaging with their course content and identify learning trends. Together, this lead to better outcomes for students and improve the educational experience.

Tell us about your team and partners, who do you have supporting you? How did this start?

Publishers like Pearson, Nelson/Cengage, Microsoft, and IBM work with us to manage their academic programs and distribute resources to students. We have been in business for 20 years and have a long history of working closely with academic institutions. As our network of institution partners has grown over the years, publishers have naturally been keen to work with us.

Who would you call your competitors? And how are you different?

Our competitors are providers of digital textbooks or interactive learning materials. We differ by being flexible enough to provide our institutions with the ability to customize our solution to meet their needs. This has allowed us to effectively work with institutions and publishers worldwide.

What are the biggest challenges for Kivuto today?

The edtech industry faces several challenges including constraints on the operations budget, lack of funding for infrastructure and digital growth, professional training and changing pedagogical landscape. Within this upcoming disruption, Kivuto sees many opportunities to bring inclusive access to Indian classrooms.

What would be your best tip to edtech startups across the globe?

Take the time to properly research the education industry and your audience. The industry is sensitive to change and needs to be educated on why the adoption of new technologies will benefit institutions and students. Different groups, like students, faculty, and administrators, in different parts of the world will all have different wants and needs. Doing your research will allow you to effectively communicate to these groups. 

To learn more about Kivuto, you may write to or contact Mr. Gagan Aggarwal at +91-9811416890.

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