List of Resources Sharing Strategies on Learning Assessment

Assessment is the imperative function when we speak of various pedagogies.

With diverse needs and varied caliber and talents among students it is not fair to assess all by the same means. This post mentions of all the awesome resources educators will find of help in regard to the strategies on learning assessment.

Check’em out:

1. 20 Simple Assessment Strategies You Can Use Every Day:

Simple assessment strategies and tips to help you become more frequent in your teaching, planning, and curriculum design.

2. 5 Key Strategies for Higher Student Achievement

This is the premise of assessment for learning, or formative assessment, according to veteran educator, researcher and author, Dylan Wiliam.

Wiliam states that assessment for learning occurs when teachers use evidence of learning to adapt instruction according to student need. This resource mentions of Wiliam’s five key strategies, along with some specific techniques that educators can implement in classroom.

3. Easy Formative Assessment Techniques for Measuring Student Learning

Another resource mentioning of some of the cool strategies that educators can incorporate in their assessment styles for efficient work.

4. 60 Formative Assessment Strategies

Assessment and instruction go hand in hand in a classroom that focuses on the student. Teachers need to use a variety of different strategies to assess student readiness for a particular unit of study and to plan their instruction around the needs the students demonstrate. Believing the same the author, Natalie Regier has made this collection of assessment strategies for educators to dig deep into the concept.

5. Classroom Assessment Strategies by Walker Center for Teaching and Learning

This talks of Assumptions of Classroom Assessment, Student Assessment Techniques and Designing Test Questions.

6. 10 Assessments You Can Perform In 90 Seconds

This resource by TeachThought highlights some of the cool practices that educators will find very useful.

7. Assessment for Learning Strategies

This resource mentions of various strategies, actions that needs to be taken and the purpose of the each.  

8. This blog by AllThingsAssessment is a collection of all the wise words from leaders and experts in the niche. The blog from All Things Assessment is home to the concepts, strategies, and tools of assessment architects, thought leaders, associates, and practitioners who explore the most current research, apply it, and share their findings in ways meant to inspire changes in classroom assessment practices globally.

9. Assessment For Learning Simplified by Mike Gershon

This blog is a collection of strategies, tools and techniques teachers can use in the classroom to help pupils learn and make progress.

10. Blog Of Proximal Development by Konrad Glogowski

A researcher, educator, and knowledge mobilization professional, his blog is an awesome resource for educators to dig deep and know more about what works for students in the best ways.

11. A Common Sense Approach to Assessment & Accreditation by Linda Suskie

Linda Suskie is an Internationally recognized consultant, speaker, writer, and workshop facilitator on a broad variety of higher education assessment and accreditation topics. This blog is sure shot gonna help educators with a lot of things in regard to assessment.

12. Teaching and Assessment Strategies

Taking practice-based and literature-informed approaches, the Center for Teaching and Learning partners with Queens University’s educators providing expertise to enhance pedagogical practices, and provides educational leadership within the context of Canadian higher education. Check this resource out to get some expert insights.

13. Learning Assessment Strategies

This resource mentions of strategies along with the case studies based on the same. It’s a good way to check out what will work best for you.

14. 5 Great Formative Assessment Strategies For Teachers by Lee Watanabe Crockett

“Formative assessment strategies in the classroom provide both teachers and students with invaluable information about what students understand, and what they don’t”. This is a good post highlighting the same.

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