Key Tips for School Leaders on School Marketing

Key Tips for School Leaders on School Marketing

Web has changed the way we recruit and attract customers to our product.

School being the product in this case and customer being the families it is important to consume the market in right ways and attract potential families. Marketing plays a vital role in all these. Promoting and creating a brand is essential to get ahead in the race. The question is how to do it. There are so many ways to make it happen. Listed below are some key tips that every school leader can integrate for their school marketing. 

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1. Web Presence

When parents have to get their child into a school the first thing they do is to Google. Putting all the filters and from all the various websites they are going to gather the best of the information and make a perfect potential list where they can take their child to. A well-planned and executed school identity is one facet of being awarded this trust. Understanding this, realize the value of web presence. A professional looking website is crucial along with constant support from the organization where the queries of prospects are answered religiously.     

2. Admission Campaigns

Presenting yourself properly and with excellence is one key to winning the trust of incoming parents. From business cards to memos, pamphlets to logos, your school’s written communication both internally and externally is important to attracting new parents. It is vital to execute a strategic marketing campaign that will raise public interest. Your enrollment campaign should begin sometime before the new sessions begin and should include multiple approaches to get the word out. A direct mail postcard campaign is a wonderful way to personally invite families in your community to learn more about your school. Another thing can be to “offer” something along with the postcards. This “offer” can be free tour, gift, information booklet, etc..

Also, make sure that there is an easy way for someone to respond. The point is not to generate an enrollment from the card, but to get a qualified contact. To complement the direct mail campaign, place a banner in front of your building, ads in your local parent’s magazines, and start a referral campaign with incentives for existing families.

3. Social Media Presence

Social media plays an important role. People use and rely on social media to a significant level. It’s important that you have a positive and convictional presence over various social media platforms. A YouTube channel is a must where you can showcase all the cultural events that the school conduct,  short videos explaining the various pedagogies that are being incorporated within the institute and the amazing things that the school does needs to be out there on other platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more such.

4. Schedule Tours

A tour is typically the first opportunity new parents have to interact with your school and students and can also be the most influential factor in selecting your school. So don’t leave this important and strategic marketing opportunity. By scheduling regular tour times, you can make sure the best parts of your school are ready to showcase. You may have a really great playground, but it is clearly not as dynamic if you can’t pass by when kids are playing on the equipment and interacting with one another. Try to feature a variety of classroom activities including academics, creativity, and technology. Finally, make sure there is a comfortable place available for you and your visitors to sit and discuss the school’s benefits after the tour. Giving parents your undivided attention and a little hospitality can be the foundation for a positive ongoing relationship. And those who visit your school are going to discuss all this with their fellow mates about the experience they had at your institution.

5. Video Marketing: Create a Promotional Video

Videos are powerful and many schools are making use of it. Schools have a lot of good practices which can be compiled to create a promotional video highlighting them. This not only helps you reach in a better way to students and parents but also positions your school amongst competition.

For strategies on how to go about creating one for you wonderful school, watch these school promotional videos.

6. Services to Keep’em Talking

Consider what your school does to meet the needs of prospective parents, and what it could do.

The best form of advertising and promotion is word of mouth. Give parents and students a school they can be proud of. They will be your best marketers when they believe in what you are doing. This is where the excellence of your reputation will make you shine. Make sure to gather any positive comments you get from parents and students and include these testimonies in ads, fliers, and on your Web site. Case studies of students who have improved grades or behavior are an invaluable way to prove the impact your school can have in a child’s life. Keep these studies in a binder in the front office with photos and examples of each child’s work. These are the tangible results new parents need to make an informed decision to enroll their child in your school.

What’s your take on marketing tips for a school? How do you do it?

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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