5 Videos to Watch on Giving Voice to Students

The facilitators in the classroom often need to ask the students and must address their views.

It is imperative to understand students’ perspective, ideas, knowledge and expectations.

Watch out the 5 videos below to understand more about it and get the ball rolling.

Check’em out!

5. Student Voice and Choice: At Their Own Pace

The learning, the authority and the responsibility. The video talks of the shift where students must have a say in their learning choices and be given freedom to learn at their individual pace.  

4. Student Surveys: Using Student Voice to Improve Teaching and Learning

The video shows the importance of student feedback. Watch out how students’ opinions matter and have a direct impact on instruction.

3. Student Voice

This video is a description of the term “Student Voice”. The video explains the importance of giving students a say in decisions related to their learning matter. 

2. When Student Voice is Heard: Andrew VanderMeulen

When the voices of students are given both forum and power, the results can be incredible and inspirational.  Andrew VanderMeulen talks on the same. He highlight what happens when educators give their students the chance to speak and when their voice is heard.

1. "I think it's important we get a say": KidsMatter and student voice

Watch kids expressing why they need to be heard. This is one amazing video where kids express their view on the concept of students’ voice.

What are your views on the same?

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