Videos to Watch on Blended Classrooms and Schools

Videos to Watch on Blended Classrooms and Schools

Students tend to be more engaged. In a study 59% teachers reported that students were more motivated to learn in a blended learning environment.

The prevalence of online classes is growing. It's predicted that by 2019, half of all classes for grades K-12 will be taught online.

The stats mentioned above highlights the growing adoption of blended learning.

Needless to say, blended Learning is one pedagogy that most educators pick as it keeps things balanced with the right use of technology and traditional teaching as well. This requires the practitioner to blend the use of multimedia, social media, offline teaching, online teaching and on-hands activities to make the best out of everything. With various types of resources, students get to learn with what they find best. Also, the engagement is at best as they are being able to explore more in a very engaged manner. Also, the various approaches used in this teaching model are loved by most kids so practically they learn to use their technologies in efficient manner and for the good reasons.

Blended Classrooms and Schools:

Developed by innovative teachers who see blended learning as a way to answer pedagogical needs, the blended classroom combines the physical classroom with an online learning space in order to improve education for students. As a result, it is a mix of blended learning, formative assessment techniques and visible learning.

Below are some videos that you must watch to learn more about this pedagogy.

1. Classroom Move to Blended Learning

The video captures the shift towards the blended learning and the impact it has.

2. What Blended Learning Looks Like in the Classroom

This is one awesome video that highlights the approach in action. Students give their input and views on the use of this pedagogy. A must watch to know about the perspective of students on the same.

3. Blended Learning: Redefine Your Classroom

Watch out the ways educators feel improvement in the learning and teaching with the approach in action. Blended Learning gives teachers the tools to be able to mentor, empower, and inspire their students.

4. Blended Learning in Spokane Public Schools

Watch out what Spokane Public Schools has to say on the adoption of blended learning in schools. Teachers, Admin, students and others share their experience with the use of blended learning. 

5. Blended Learning In Worthington Schools

In this video, Worthington teachers and students talk about how blended learning is improving our school district.

Share your views and experience with the use of this technology and mention in the comment section below. 

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