Resources For Media & Information Literacy Activities and Assignments

Resources For Media & Information Literacy Activities and Assignments

Media and Information Literacy is important for the time we are living in and leading to for the reason of its existence in abundance and use of the same in many ways.

Integration of media in education has exposed students to a lot of material and so the providers of this media happen to take over web in uncountable numbers. However, reliability of these resources is questionable. For effective and efficient usage of media and information for any purpose, it is essential to use the resources that are right and accountable to extract the information or media.

Termed as media information literacy, it is important for students to understand what it is, how they must use this technology, what are the benefits and the limitations for the same. Similarly, media literacy for kids have significant value as kids are consumers of media in a lot many ways hence they need to understand the importance of the same from the very beginning.

Simply defined, information literacy is the ability to "recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information." (ACRL).  This task has become increasingly complex in our global information society and requires the ability to: know how and why information is created, presented and disseminated; to know how to use technology to access information; and, most importantly to understand and critically evaluate information.  The development of information literacy skills allows students to become not only astute information consumers, but ethical and thoughtful information creators as well. Information literacy is a part of, and compliments, research skills, collaborative inquiry, and critical literacy.     

Below is a list of all the resources that educators can check to develop assignments, activities, lesson plans and activities for the students to teach them Media & Information Literacy.

1. 50 Challenging Activities To Promote Digital Media Literacy In Students

This post by TeachThought mentions of 50 actrivities that teachers can incorporate in their classroom to teach students about  Media literacy and importance of the same.

2. 6 suggestions for teaching information literacy

This resource mentions of Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, How to teach students information literacy and more.  

3. Games for Media and Information Literacy Learning Objectives

Based on Research, Design and recent Outcomes, these resource talks of 2 game based strategies to teach students about the literacy learning objectives.

4. What is Media Literacy? A Lesson Plan

A lesson plan by BrightHubEducation to help educators with the literacy and information teaching among the classroom. The resource mentions of teaching awareness, the approach educators need and a lesson plan that is fit for students of grades 9-12.

5. Seven Media Literacy Lessons

This resource by education world mentions of seven lessons that would help educators in making students media literate.

6. Lesson Ideas

This resource by BrainPopEducators shares ideas for lesson plans aligned to teach students about the Media and information literacy and importance of the same.

7. How to Teach Media Literacy

This resource by Center For Media Literacy mentions everything that educators would need to know to teach students about Media Literacy.  

8. Integrated Activity

Another pick from Center For Media Literacy. This highlights resources to all the detailed units that educators must check to help students get a better understanding of the concept and learn about it.   

9. Assignment: Media Literacy

This list by Media Education Lab mentions assignments on media literacy segregated for elementary school units, middle school units and secondary school units.

10. Games for Teaching Information Literacy Skills

This report by Felicia A. Smith from University of Notre Dame mentions of active learning activities, applications, implementations and more to help educators teach media literacy to the students.

11. Information Literacy Tutorials and Activities

This page of Indiana University of Pennsylvania includes links to all information, articles, activities and other tools to teach Information Literacy.

12. Information Literacy Fundamentals

This page from university of Pittsburgh is a collection of resopurces, lessons, information and activities on Information Literacy fundamentals. Other that information and the awesome resources it mentions of educators can even download documents to help students learn about the information literacy.  

13. Teacher Resources: Teaching Information Literacy

This mentions resources, lesson plans, app reviews etc. all to help teachers continue to do great work in helping students succeed! Resources are organized by subject and directly align with the Ontario Curriculum.

What activities do you do with your students for Media and Information Literacy?

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