Fun Activities for Elementary Classroom Using Technology

Fun Activities for Elementary Classroom Using Technology

The inclusion of “edtech” in education is often termed as a new wave in the learning process, but this wave has been revolutionizing the entire learning process.

Right from the elementary classes to secondary and higher secondary studies, context-based technology has helped students in various ways. Many may assume the role of edtech does its wonder only from high school level, and below it, there is no question of including technology at this level. Well, the role of technology in elementary classes is equally important in the elementary level of learning process as it helps in creating a foundation for learning. 

Successful integration of technology in the elementary classroom makes the learning experience not annoying but fun filled. In the elementary level students are faced with new concepts and explaining them in the form of storytelling helps in the clear understanding of the concepts. Given below are some of the exciting activities to be carried out in the elementary school classroom for an interactive class session.

Learning on ABCYA

This site exceeds the fun activities for elementary students by offering various kinds of computer games and activities on web. All the computer activities included in this site is approved by certified teachers. These activities are designed keeping in mind the context/ lessons of elementary learning. The lesson activities are for grade level (K-5) and include learning areas such as math, basic computer skills, language and art. Students find it amusing to learn through making of Tangrams, building a house, learning vocabulary with the help of slider games.

Learning on Tumble Books

Books are a real treasure in the learning process and to get an access to this incredible treasure, Tumble Books can be an innovative medium. It is a free online library consisting of a storehouse of books, fun quizzes, puzzles and games which students can correlate with the different books. What can turn out even more exciting for these kids is that students can have the story read to them, read it on their own and have individual words sound out for them. Once they are done with the reading process, they can even test their comprehension level through quizzing themselves and write a book review at the end.

Learning on Childtopia

Childtopia is a real fun and interactive tool to be included in the elementary school classroom as it includes matter of about 10 website in one. It includes about 1400 games and these games fit in the skills that the teacher is working on in any subject area. The games in this site include memory games, language, maths, skills, creativity and observation and are broken into age groups.

 To know more on the video games included in Childtopia check out the link below.

Learning on CoolMath

Funbrain is a site for the students to shape their Maths skills with the help of brain training activities included in the site. These activities includes logic, thinking sessions and includes elements of fun and games. The best part of these all these gaming activities is that they do not involve in them any element of violence, no empty actions and includes challenges to help students forget that they are not undertaking any Math practice session.

Learning on Kerpoof

Fuel creativity level of children by including helpful tool Kerpoof in elementary classroom. Students can use this tool to create their own pictures, stories and movies. These students can create their stories and illustrate it on Kerpoof. Before directly making a movie and edit it, the students can plan out their movies on this tool. For the teachers, this tool can be used to teach the life cycle of a butterfly in science class, teach character education and allow students to create a stories or movies that showcase emotion and solve problem.

To conclude, education on the web has made learning process very enriching and therefore include innovative web technology in elementary schooling level for students to enjoy. Do share your comments on the same and if you have more suggestions on the fun activities for the elementary classroom, feel free to share it with us.

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