Useful Ways to Create Positive Learning Environment

Useful Ways to Create Positive Learning Environment

For a productive academic, emotional and social success in school; creating a positive learning environment is the key.

But, this aspect is often missed out due to lack of emphasis and it is an area that does not just happen on its own - it requires conscious effort. To create one, one has to consider the components that go into its making, and they vary from one level to the other. Say for instance, for the starters; positive learning environment implies a climate of safety, open to authentic conversation, trust building, encouragement to risk taking and respect are fostered.

In the below, we hear second-grade teacher Kayla Delzer talking on how at each time she attempts to revitalize learning and release the power of positivity in the classroom.

After, hearing some tips on reviving education, let’s check out few other tips that can help a teacher create positive a learning environment to promote students’ progress and wellbeing.

•    Make learning process flexible

Students cannot relate to a subject or topic unless they find interest in learning it. The more relevant a topic or subject is to students’ individual success and happiness, the better will be a student’s involvement in the learning process. So a teacher has to discover for ways to adapt the lesson or lecture to the interest of students. It however would only be possible only when the educator finds out the interests, talents and learning styles of each student. Once these areas are found, the instructor must know how to adjust their teaching methods and strategies to meet the needs of students on an individual basis and this will definitely attract the attention and engagement level of the students.

•    Using Different Inquiry Methods

Survey method is one of the best way to figure out the process level of students. But while inquiring any student, it is important that they are given time to answer the question asked as they need time to think on how to cumulate their knowledge and experience on a particular topic. And this takes time. Often students are not given enough time to prepare for the answer in their own way.

•    Teach Students to Appreciate Efforts

All students love to get appreciation for their efforts but they must also be taught to praise and encourage others efforts too. It will help them build up their social skills as the new age learning process encourages learning in collaboration and team work. In a team environment, cooperation and sharing attitude works fantastic and it supports the development of every individual irrespective of their own learning pace.

•    Make Students Feel Motivated

Motivation is an important aspect of development. When students feel good about themselves, they are bound to get engaged in positive actions. Also, if they are taught to channelize their negative thought to a positive action so as to make them feel good from inside, it would work as a powerful intrinsic motivator and develop the students’ well-being.

•    Responding Positively

One of the essential element of positive learning environment is positivity and this is why teachers need to interact with students in a positive manner, exhibiting positive behavior and by maintaining a positive attitude. Regardless of what the situation or circumstance, the instructor has to be patient enough to tackle/respond back in a positive way. Tender minds quickly grab whatever they see and this is why if the educator always maintains a positive attitude, the students can emulate such positivity in them and apply it in their life in any situation.

•    Build a Rapport with Students

All students have a preconceived perception regarding their teacher. And often this attitude creates an obstacle in connecting well with the teacher. So the solution to this is to share real life experiences while teaching lessons in the classroom to help them break the misconception. And it is no uncommon fact that all students idolize an educator who inspires them and shares some information about their personal experiences. And when students get closer to the teacher, they are not shy to share their personal information with the teacher. So it is a two process that will help the teacher build a positive learning environment inside the classroom.

•    Encouraging Games and Activities

Games and activities are no more considered as add-on to learning system. In fact they are considered as an integral part of the entire learning system. One of the ways to engage students in the learning process inside classroom is to involve them in cooperative learning structure and noncompetitive games. With the help of digital educational technology, there are a number of resources online that support personalized learning and collaborative learning mechanism.

•    Discard Judging

Not all students have the same pace of learning ability and possess some or the other talent hidden within them. So it is not wise to judge students or label them as it only arouses the feeling of distrust among the students towards the teacher. Rather than judging them, the teacher should look forward to uncover the problem that is not allowing the student to perform up to the mark.

Hence, if teachers want their students to perform outstandingly in their education, creating a positive learning environment in the classroom is important. It has a direct relationship with the students’ achievement.

Please share with us, what approach you adopt to create a positive environment in your classroom. It will help educators across the globe to exchange ideas and explore different ways to create a positive atmosphere in the classroom.

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