Tips for Schools to Lessen Educators' Workload

Tips for Schools to Lessen Educators' Workload

The responsibility of being a teacher can’t be put into words!

You’ll always be short of words to explain what all they do. The pressure on educators is such that there are a lot of teachers who are leaving the profession due to the burden.  The responsibility to make sure that students are getting all they need, the nagging parents and intruding administration often leaves the autonomy teachers have almost as façade. With so much on their minds, schools can make some ground rules that can help educators take a breath of relief. Mentioned below are some tips for schools that can help them take a little burden off educators’ shoulders.

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1. Invest In Technology

Various tools and technologies can really save a lot of time and help educators make their work efficient and effective. For example there are various web tools that can take care of the attendance tracks. Documentation is one big work for educators, daily reports and such little things that take a lot of their time can be taken care of with tech easily. So it is important that administration invest in technology and help educators get comfortable with using the same. Integrating LMS is also one major shift that can do wonders in the whole teaching learning system of any institution, if done wisely!    

2. Reconsider the marking policies

Assessments, grading and marking have become the monsters for they eat up most of the educators’ time. It is important for schools to reconsider their marking policies according to the grades as well as the requirement. All the efforts would have been justified if there would have been evidence on the impact for the amount of time it takes. The lines between feedback and evidencing have become blurred to the point where it’s hard to distinguish. What can be done is to help educators utilize technology for most of their grading work as well as cut down on the unnecessary marking. Feedback can be effectively given in a whole variety of ways, most notably, verbally. Try out new ways of feedback and see what happened to the educators’ well being.   

3. Collaborate to work together

Educators collaborating can work wonders. Overworking and not sharing the work responsibility can tear off. It is important to come together with other teachers can help educators get a little ease at their work. Schools can encourage collaborative planning at the beginning of the year between teachers, this way they can each be experts in respective parts of the curriculum, saving time for themselves and other teachers in their department. By each owning areas of the curriculum and producing the plans and resources to complement them, the work only has to be done once for all to benefit. This also means that when it comes to teaching students the same topic, they’ll all be in sync with one another and better able to support each other.  

4. Focus on the professional development

This is one thing that needs to be taken care of. With so much, authorities often ignore the need of professional development. Workshops needs to conducted to help educators develop skills and grow in their profession. These can be in terms of learning new technologies to get efficient and effective with their work or sessions where they are told how to manage the work and stress that comes with the work. Also, professional development instills any professional with a feeling of growth and they can see that are being taken care of which are two essential things in overall wellbeing of any individual.   

Because teaching is one profession that makes all other profession, it is the responsibility of authorities to make sure that educators are in a state of comfortable wellbeing from their end. There is so much workload on teachers that schools need to look into their policies that can help educators get a little ease.

What other things can be done? Share with us in the comment section below.   

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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