Why Institutions Must Go Paperless in Their Management

Why Institutions Must Go Paperless in Their Management

Technology in hands now is making our functions easier and surprisingly environment friendly; it is our moral duty to make the minor changes by making sure that we are making the best use of technology.

With technology being used widely across educational institutions, there are web based applications and tools that can help you alter some manual functions and make them happen quick and fast with internet.

The presence of web tools can be of great use in such scenarios. Few weeks ago, I shared a great tool with you - Digimkey. The tool DigiMkey is a complete ERP package for educational institutes that enables them to carry out their daily activities in a fast, easy and efficient manner. This tool is packed with Learning Management System, Enterprise Resource Planner, Analytics, Communication Solution, IOT (inter-networking of physical devices), Payment Solution and more.

With great features tools like these bring awesome efficiency to the institutions. Let’s talk about going paperless with this tool and fulfill our duty towards our mother earth!

There are some areas where you need to have documentation but few things like Admission, Fee Collection and Communication Needs can go paperless without harming their functionality. Admission Processes require a lot of documentation and if done digitally can save a lot of paper. Similar is the case with Fee Deposition and Communication Needs.

Let’s explore each of these points in detail and find out how Digimkey can help us with the same:

Admission Process: Admission is one function that takes a lot of time and parents often have to skip work in order to make sure they have got their child enrolled in the school. Also, there comes time constraints when we speak of admission. The real pain is the documentation that needs to be submitted and on the end of school the pain gets worse as to maintain and save all the records!

Doing this one thing digitally can help you save a lot of time, resources and obviously paper!

With Digimkey there’s no more waiting in long queues for taking admissions. It provides online admission customized form system through which students can fill form from anywhere.

Fee Collection/Deposition: This is a regular procedure but has time constraints and in case of kids it again requires the parent to skip work as to make time to deposit the fee of their child. However, their fees management module can be of great help. Parents can obviously pay fee online in just few steps in a safe and secure manner; can see online if their child’s fee have been submitted or not, make transactions at any time and get real time transaction details on their mobile app. They can also get alerts regarding due and late fees on your mobile app.

Communication Needs: Do you remember circulars getting distributed to inform parents of the quarterly meetings, annual function, sports meet and other such events. Sadly, it’s still done. And this is huge waste of paper. This can be done so quickly by getting connected with parents digitally. All the information regarding events, the child’s performance or any communication need can be fulfilled with the solution provided by DigiMkey. Parents just need to have the parent app of DigiMkey, an account and they can connect with the teacher of their child for all their communication needs. Same is for the teachers.

The parent interface enables the user the following functions:

- Get notified on real-time basis

- Check home-work/assignments via mobile

- Track your child anytime, anywhere

- Pay fees online

- Receive Online Marksheet

- Send Leave Application

And with the Teacher Interface you can do the following:

- Attendance

- Send Assignments

- Leave Applications

- Manage Exams

- Send Notification

- Syllabus tracking

Well these are 3 key functions where going paperless can really make a change and you as an individual can contribute towards your responsibility towards the environment. However, almost all aspects of management of educational institutes can go digital, such as attendance records, in house reports for the school management review, reports to be submitted to educational boards, etc. This will result in a lot of paper saving and help us do our bit in conserving our environment. The opportunities for these are virtually limitless, if only we have the will. And tools like Digimkey are the path that will lead us to this end.

There are other ways to go paperless in education system but to kick start these are the ones you must change! Right away!

So, make sure you check this cool tool Digimkey and do share your experience/reviews on the same with us. Mention in the comment section below.




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Author: Priyanka Gupta
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