Great Tools to Use to Publish Student Work

Great Tools to Use to Publish Student Work

“If students are sharing their work with the world, they want to be good. If they’re just sharing it with (the teacher), they want it to be good enough.”- Rushton Hurley

With the incorporation of digital platform in the education sector, utilizing various types of digital tools helps educators to enhance student’s skills is therefore an integral part of modern day pedagogy plan. Thus, use of publishing tools to communicate student’s work is also a part of making use of digital platform to help students connect with the world.

Publishing of students’ work is an accepted practice in new learning process as it helps to display student’s skills or acknowledge their active participation in classroom learning activity. But it is a powerful means by which their creative ability is rewarded. It is also a means by which students are allowed to stay motivated and work harder towards their goal. Consequently, they are able to show the world how competent they are, right from a young age.

For the educators, publishing student’s work might mean displaying their work on the student’s wall but it is not always an easy task. Hence, today we will check out some of the online publishing tools that will help educators to encourage their students by publishing their work online and get the world appreciate their efforts.

1. FlipSnack

It is a useful flipbook software which assists the teachers and students to convert PDF documents into flash page flip digital publications. The tool contains various templates and out of the many, the teacher/ student need to pick up a suitable one. The tool also provides various widgets that assist the publisher to determine the overall look of the book. Once settings of the book has been finalized, the teacher/student can share the book with other students and educators or simply embed it on the class website.

2. ePubBud

It is a tool that helps students to receive a complete stock of free children’s e-books. The beauty of this digital publication tool is that anyone can upload, publish and share their e-book on the platform to be accessed by the world. It is a free of cost publication tool and to use it, students just need to fill up some important details to allow them to create their account and publish their own e-book online.

3. StoryBird

It is an online based Web App that helps students in storytelling artfully. So with the help of this App, one can convert texts into illustrated stories by using images from artists’ gallery. For the young students, the tool’s easy-to-use features and intriguing graphics is what amuses them and help them stay hooked to this tool when they have to publish their work on this platform.

4. TeleStory App

TeleStory is a helpful video-creation tool that assist students to create their own themed TV Shows. Students find great interest in planning out a story, revise and edit it to record it with the help of video-creation features of the tool.

On the other hand, teachers find this tool very handy to encourage their student to keep the fun going in the tool and also create shows with the help of this tool to introduce a unit or project to the students.

5. PurposeGames

This tool is a study aid which do not just allow students to share their work but help them create and play educational games with the help of this tool. It is a collaborative learning tool where students and teachers can create and learn together. Important concepts of geography, grammar, multiplication tables can be taught by educators with the help of this tool.

6. WordFaire

It is a fast and easy live blogging site where students can build up their writing and real time reading skills as well. It is free of cost, easy online publishing tool that allow students to update work in real-time.

7. Slideshare

It is an online community where students can upload PowerPoint, OpenOffice presentations, keynote, PDF and info-graphics. They are able to not only create presentations and other things here but also share it with others easily. Students can share their work to the world through URL, an embedded code or an email.

8. Lulu

It is a web based tool that helps students and teachers to publish print books and e-books for free. The tool also helps students to control their work and reach more readers. It also offers various kinds of eBook publisher offer packages depending on the publishing needs. It is one of the most reputed online publishing platform and its utility will help students to enjoy the flexibility to customize their project the way they desire.

9. MixBook

It is a tool that helps students make customizable photo books, yearbooks, cards and calendars and many other things. With the help of this tool, students can actually start working on a blank canvas where they can add color, text, objects and images to their projects. It is a large workspace where students are left free to work on project online and use the variety of design tools to come up with an elegant project.

10. Google Docs

This tool is one of the most user-friendly and widely opted collaborative tool introduced by Google Products online. Here, students can create their projects, invite users to collaborate and share their feedback on the same.

On the other hand, the teachers can access the students’ assignments from their personal Google accounts and share their comments like modifications or words of appreciations related to the project. Once the project is done, students also publicly share their presentation or video project by distributing its link.

Thus, with the help of the above mentioned tools, students’ work can be shared online and feedback can be gathered on the same to help students improve their skills and remain motivated in classroom activity. So, which online tool do you use to share your students work online? Please let us know through your comment.

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