Most Used Lesson Planning Tools by Teachers

Most Used Lesson Planning Tools by Teachers

Planning out engaging learning experiences for students and helping them to demonstrate the objectives of learning still hold an important area in a teachers’ pedagogy in the digital age.

Yes of course the scenario of teaching and learning has undergone a transition yet the important role of lesson planning cannot be designated to any other person other than the educators. Reasons being, an educator is one who is endowed with an important responsibility to shape the future of students.

In such pursuit, modern lesson planning tools help a teacher invariably to plan out lessons easily with the right technology and also lighten the pressure of lesson planning.  However, the apt technology has to be chosen to help teachers in delivering best quality content to more students conveniently. So let’s check out some of the most used lesson planning tools by teachers.

1. PlanbookEdu

It is one of the most useful online lesson planner that makes it easy for teachers of all grade levels to create, share and print their lesson plans. The use of this tool not only help a teacher to create but also view their plans from any computer having an internet connection.  The other benefits of this tool is that, teachers can also attach their homework or lesson materials directly in a student plan and access it anytime they wish to do so. And as the common core standards are integrated into the tool, therefore a teacher can quickly tag a standard to a lesson.

2. CommonCurriculum

It is a lesson planning tool with the help of which a teacher can easily align lessons and also organize unit plans. They can also share the lesson planning with their fellow colleagues and create unit plans. The aim of this tool is to make lesson planning easier and more collaborative, reducing the burden of giving and getting feedback in real time. This tool can be accessed in any browser on desktop or mobile device.

3. Socrative Teacher

This tool can be used by the teacher to engage, assess and personalize the class and its formative assessment facilities such as quizzes, quick question polls, space races and others can be used by the teacher to monitor the progress of the students from time to time.

4. BetterLesson

It is a website lesson planning tool that provides teachers to create common core-aligned math, ELA, science and blended learning lessons on it. The varied feature of the tool allows the teachers to use this platform to not only create lessons but provide feedback, download resources and also read ‘Master Teachers’ commentary to aid implementation. The tool is developed to help teachers at all levels of their practice so that all students get an access to the highest quality curriculum.

5. Blendspace by TES

It is a tool that makes learning more interactive and fun filled. Here in this tool, teachers can create lessons, presentations projects and more. So by creating an engaging lessons, teachers can make their instruction more effective. Further, teachers can also upload and add files that’s stored in cloud service such as Google Drive or Dropbox. And with the application of features like quizzes or discussion in-built in the tool, educators can easily observe the performance/progress level of the students.

6. Core Learning Exchange

For a personalized classroom environment, the use of this tool helps teachers to design individualized instructions for students. Here in this tool, teachers can build a digital curriculum by creating lessons right from the scratch or upload previously built curriculum. In addition, the tool is a library of lessons and content and teachers can find out the most appropriate lesson for students by browsing lessons subject wise or as per different standard levels.

7. Copia Class

In an age of technology oriented learning space, teachers can use this tool to create an immersive learning experience for the students to stay hooked to the lessons taught in the classroom. It contains best-in class content with dynamic collaboration and personalization tools which allow the teachers to facilitate students with personalized and blended learning in the classroom. In order to collaborate or provide feedback to the students’, the teacher can make use of the collaboration tools, conference tools and text chat and discussion boards available in the tool.

8. WeLearnedIt

It is a popular social learning platform for the teachers to create and share dynamic assignments, leave meaningful feedback on student work. It also helps the educator to monitor the progress level of students by tracking their academic growth and achievements over time in the digital learning portfolio. The resourceful features of this tool include- Rubric and Assignment library, Incredibly Easy to Set-up Classes, Progress Reporting, Annotation Feature on Created Content and Digital Learning Portfolios.

9. BrightLoop

It is a useful tool for teachers to track students comprehension and based on it add notes and lesson ideas. Hence, with the help of this individualized student centric tool, teachers can organize their lesson plans to incorporate personalized lessons into the classroom. The use of this tool indeed helps the teachers to harness unique knowledge about their students as they plan to offer effective personalized instruction.

10.  DocentEDU

It is a great tool to be used in both blended as well as flipped learning classroom environment. With the help of this tool, a teacher can actually flip any webpage or Google doc into an interactive lesson. For interaction purpose, the teacher can add comments, private discussions, highlight passages, embed videos, throw quizzes or question answer sessions and trigger discussion over them.

To conclude, in order to understand the benefits of the above mentioned lesson planning tools for the teachers’, you got to pick up an appropriate tool for your requirement and experience the advantage yourself. In addition, if you wish to express your opinion on lesson planning tools, please feel free to share it with us through your comments.

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