How Can Teachers Know They Are Successfully Using EdTech

How Can Teachers Know They Have Successfully Used EdTech

We see educators flawless with the use of technology and willing to experiment with incorporation of every new thing in the town.

We also see educators struggling with technology and fearful of compromising on the quality education that they provide as they don’t find themselves technology skilled. Integrating technology to look cool teacher doesn’t require much but all the fancy equipment in the classroom. But to make the right use of technology as to make sure that the facilitator as well as the recipient is having the effective outcome of this mix is when using tech is on point.

Edutopia mentions successful technology integration is achieved when it is Routine and Transparent; Accessible and readily available for the task at hand and Supports the curricular goals while helping the students to effectively reach their goals. We couldn’t agree more with what they define as the successful technology integration.

The points mentioned below will help educators understand how to make sure if the technology used in the classroom is successful or not. The points focus on the classroom environment as well as the various operations noticed when technology is integrated successfully.

  1. The purpose of using technology is to enhance the quality of the operation and so if you can't see students with higher engagement level and participation on rise then you're going somewhere wrong. We are already aware that students are more tech savvy than educators today and the idea of working with technology in itself is a motivation for them. For instance, let’s talk of gamification. Adoption of games to help students with their learning is at best when we observe students taking keen interest in what's next for them. The games give them the same feeling. Pushing them to do better, to reach next level or to earn a particular badge. So, technology integration has to derive a great deal of engagement and participation from student's end. 
  1. The next is the fear associated with the failure that comes when technology is integrated. Now this has to go. Yes, there are technology hitches and it does disappoint at times but that doesn't mean the educator stops making the use of it. Seamless technology doesn't guarantee that an unexpected power cut won't happen. When this fear is not left and you are making good use of technology, know that you've started making the right move.
  1. Now let’s talk of the real action. The curricular transformation. The technology has already shown significant improvements in the learning content. Take the use of OERs. These resources have significantly change the way we perceive education. So, CHECK, are your students being able to access the right set of material for their subject matter. Are they being provided with sufficient assignments and activity sheets if the subject demands and is their knowledge on the subject matter is up to the mark that needs to be there. If yes to all then you have managed to successfully integrate technology. One last check is for yourself, check if even after all the mentioned things you get time to have some hands-on activities with your students is the classroom. This is one crucial point and requires the educator to use some time management skills they naturally inculcate.

  2. The last and the biggest benefit of technology is the mobility which it brings. So, the point is see if the education is mobile in your tech enabled classroom. Are student being able to access their learning content of they cannot make it to the classroom. Do they have the recorded or live lectures? Students willing to study or get in touch with experts are being able to do so. Is technology being able to pave the distance. These are few important things that technology must do in the classroom so that students can get the best benefits.

These are just some of the basic characteristics of a successfully tech enabled classroom. There are advanced technologies like 3D printing, AR, VR and more but for the educators who are fearful of making the use of technology can start small and make their way to the advanced ones. So, if you have a “YES” to the points mentioned above, you are doing it right.

Share your thoughts on the successful use of technology in classroom with us.

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Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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