Importance of College and Career Readiness in Schools

Importance of College and Career Readiness in Schools

Surviving is important, Thriving is elegant”- Maya Angelou.

The above adage aptly fits in as we move on to discuss the rising importance of college and career readiness in schools.

The topic is fast becoming an imperative factor in public education today. Reason for such is directly associated with the changing time and with it an effort to concentrate on the holistic development of a child. Such can only take place when educators start thinking of going beyond just curriculum knowledge. It also implies that educators need to undergo a paradigm shift in the idea of teaching and knowledge dissemination. Take a look at what NCEE education opinions about modern learning process and how it is fruitful in the overall development of a students.

Where we’ve gone wrong and what we can do to make #appliedlearning work for #careerreadiness & #collegereadiness

— NCEE (@CtrEdEcon) July 20, 2017

Educators need to understand that, at the moment stress is laid upon creating future leaders who can flexibly adjust to the global market that exists. And it is only possible when there is a stronger initiative on the part of schools and states to align curriculum with college and career-readiness standards. One of the basic standard of such mission is to develop an individual who must possess academic knowledge, technical knowledge and with it must also acquire employability knowledge, skills and disposition.

With regards to this, the learning process too have changed a lot from teacher centric classroom to flip classrooms. And with the help of blended learning and personalized learning, students can take ownership of their own learning. However, more and more schools have to widely accept these learning processes in the classroom so that the paramount importance of college and career readiness concept is effectively dealt and met.

Why Start Career Readiness Concept at School level?

‘Early learning itself facilitates later learning’ and it’s a fact! The elementary school level is the foundation level of students and one whose start is solid, they are bound to thrive, no matter whatever be the situation they have to face in later life. When students grow up listening to concepts that they are going to deal with in deeper level in the future, they are able to grab them better when they actually reach the higher stage.

Learning is a cumulative process and what students learn in their higher education or college; builds up on prior knowledge on the subject matter in the lower grades. In fact, students develop interest on subject at an early age. So if they are exposed to STEM learning or Creative studies based on their inclination, they move on to pursue that elementary school level interest to greater learning in future. So the need is to strengthen the early learning process in modern education and help the future generation enjoy a productive career.

Various empirical evidences have reflected on the point that it is indeed a difficult task to shape a oo needs to be student in the high school if they had a very weak elementary schooling. Say if the gardener takes care of a plant right from its sampling stage, chances of it growing up into a full tree that bears sweet fruits is always greater. Similarly student’s chances of developing positive skills right from the young age is more when they are guided effectively right from their tender levels.

Hence, efforts of the institutions must be to include a content rich curriculum and with it also include activities which focus on developing students’ academic and social behavior. And in all this, the role of an educator and parents is immense as they are the ones who will help in developing a strong and supportive pathway for the students.

So what are your views on it, please lets us know if your personal opinion on the topic through your comments and if you feel we have missed out something important on the topic. 

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