Steps & Tips To Implement Edtech In Institutions

Educational technology is revolutionizing today's institutions.

Institutions are under a constant pressure to perform and upgrade themselves.  A few noticeable criteria will help institutions to select and perform better.

1.  CRUX is the heart of the problem, which should be based on the environment, topic difficulties and financial limitations of communities.

2. SCOPE allows teachers and managements to select appropriate usage of available technology

3. AREA is based on the scope of technology to perform to its optimum in the choosen arena.

4. SCHEMA involves uses of various technology attributes like audio, video, music, game or collaborative platforms for implementation.

5. FRAMEWORK  is the outline design guidelines for the right path of implementation.

6. TRIAL work of design is most essential to understand the possible modifications and exceptions.

7.REPAIR  the schema or framework once the trial is completed for better outcomes as per your crux issue.

8. PROCESS can now be finalized for complete training and implementation.



Set achievable outcomes - small to large.

Do not opt for limited scope technologies

Design your own plan to work with technology.  One scale fits all is not applicable here.


About the Author
I work as Academic Coordinator at Nalanda Educational Institutions, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Worked in implementing Technology supportive curriculum in our organisation. Trainer and Curriculum designer for technology based Curriculum.

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