Consolidation Through Technology

A quick recap helps connect learned and fills missing gap.

Technology supports this area of learning in a number of ways.  Some are:

  1.       Flow chart process
  2.       Inquiry process
  3.       Interconnecting process
  4.       Individual entity elaboration process
  5.       Step wise design process
  6.       Logical reasoning process

Technology helps one to incorporate the same, explain and share for better understanding.  It is said that ‘A picture depicts a thousand words’.  Mind mapping is a process depicting the learned as a picture. 

In the classroom process this tool can be used for:


How to use? is a free tool (app) which can be added to your Google Drive through your Gmail.  Once completed the mind map can downloaded as picture or as a ‘.pdf’ document.  

About the Author
I work as Academic Coordinator at Nalanda Educational Institutions, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Worked in implementing Technology supportive curriculum in our organisation. Trainer and Curriculum designer for technology based Curriculum.

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