Game-based Learning Materials & Resources for Teachers

Game Based Learning is the pedagogy every educator wants to indulge in.

This is one way to keep students engaged in learning. For educators to stay abreast with all that is there in GBL, I’ve curated this list of resources that will help you make wise choices for your next session with kids aided with game based learning.

Books On Game Based Learning

1. Digital Games and Learning: Research and Theory by Nicola Whitton

This book provides a clear and concise critical theoretical overview of the field of digital games and learning from a cross-disciplinary perspective. It focuses on four aspects of digital games: games as active learning environments, games as motivational tools, games as playgrounds, and games as learning technologies, and explores each of these areas in detail.

2. Gamify: How Gamification Motivates People to Do Extraordinary Things, by Brian Burke

Based on the successes of using the pedagogy, the book identifies the common characteristics of these initiatives to define the solution space for success. It is a guide written for leaders of gamification initiatives to help them avoid the pitfalls and employ the best practices, to ensure they join the 20% that gets it right.

3. Games, Learning, and Society: Learning and Meaning in the Digital Age, by Constance Steinkuehler, Kurt Squire & Sasha Barab

Covering game design, game culture and games as twenty-first-century pedagogy, it demonstrates the depth and breadth of scholarship on games and learning to date. The chapters represent some of the most influential thinkers, designers and writers in the emerging field of games and learning

4. Video Games and Learning: Teaching and Participatory Culture in the Digital Age (Technology, Education–Connections) by Kurt Squire

How can we best teach the gamer generation? This accessible book describes how educators and curriculum designers can harness the participatory nature of digital media and play. The author presents a comprehensive model of games and learning that integrates analysis of games, games cultures, and educational game design.

5. Digital Game-Based Learning by Marc Prensky

This book traces the shift from traditional learning techniques to digital and game-based learning methods. It demonstrates how learners have changed, how game-based learning actually works, its current and future applications, as well as looking at the role of educators and trainers in this new and exciting arena.

Resources To Get Game Based Learning Apps

1. A Guide to Game-Based Learning

This is by eduTopia to help you stay updated on the list of apps you can’t afford to miss for game based learning.

2. Smart Games For Game-Based Learning

TeachThought gives you a list of amazing games to pursue game based learning in classroom.  

3. 30 of the Best Educational iPad Games: Kid’s Edition

This includes some of the best games to help you aid the kids with learning while they play. The list mentions BrainPop, RocketMath, Tozzle and some other that will help you help the child.  

4. Free Educational Apps, Games, and Websites

This is from commonsense media. A complete list of educational games along with their reviews as well as the best targeted audience. This is one list you can miss out. 

Resources To Game Based Learning Websites

1. Best Free Educational Game Sites for Kids

The link will guide you to a page that mentions of resources where you cdanm get 100s of free games that can be integrate din the classroom for thr dose of knowledge and fun.

2. Top 100 Sites/Apps for Game Based Learning

This is a curated list that mentions of the top 100 websites and apps for game based learning. A must check.

3. Awesome Game-based Learning Websites and Blogs

This mentions of the top 4 game based learning website that you can go to and engage kids. The blogs are a bonus! 

Guides To Get A Knack Of Game Based Learning

1. An Introduction To Game Based Learning

This is by UCD Teaching & Learning that introduces the concept of game based learning in a very simple manner for the beginners to get a knack of it.

2. MindShift Guide to Digital Games and Learning

Those who have already explored the pedagogy must be aware of the name. MindShift in itself is a big player in the industry of game based learning. This guide is a must access to understand various aspects to GBL. This covers an overview of games in the classroom, how to start using digital games for learning, how to choose a digital learning game, what are the obstacles in efficient learning, overcoming obstacles for using digital games in the classroom and how teachers are using games in the classroom. 

3. Top 10 Online Communities for Educators of Game-Based Learning

This mentions of all the online getaways to learn all about the game based lear4ning. This guide mentions of top 10 online communities for those educators who are passionate about the concept of game based learning. 

4. Foundations of Game-Based Learning

This guide will take you to the depths of GBL. It discusses theoretical models that describe learning with games, arguing that playfulness is orthogonal to learning theory.  It talks of design elements of games that facilitate learning by fostering learners’ cognitive, behavioral, affective, and sociocultural engagement with the subject matter. Finally, it defines the basis of these design elements in cognitive, motivational, affective, and sociocultural foundations by reviewing key theories from education and psychology that are the most pertinent to game based learning

5. In this study by the University of St. Andrews, students were motivated to make healthier lunch choices through gamification. Among other outcomes, it found that “Cafeteria-based FV consumption among K-8th grade students increased significantly above baseline levels when a low-cost, behaviorally based gamification intervention was introduced.” Check it out to know the benefits of game based learning.

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It seems that game was always there in education but technology has added another dimension to the whole concept. Let me know if you found these resources helpful and also share the ones you rely on. Mention in the comment section below.  

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