EdTech Startups Impacting the Indonesian Education Market

EdTech Startups Impacting the Indonesian Education Market

According to Anies Baswedan, the nation’s minister of education and culture, Indonesia has more than 50 million students who need to be educated by about 3 million teachers in the public school system, when a population is as large as Indonesia’s, an important and expensive item on the academic docket is providing textbooks, both used and new.

Their latest initiative aims to replace physical textbooks with tablets and eBooks in Indonesian schools. A new report titled ‘Indonesia Digital Education and E-Learning Market Outlook to 2018 – Rising Trend of Blended Learning to Drive the Future Growth’ notes that the total spending on digital education in Indonesia has grown over the last five years, and that there has been improved collaboration between educational institutions and digital education providers in order to equip their classrooms with digital educational facilities.

The report states:

Leading renowned educational institutions in the country have become more receptive towards the implementation of hi-tech learning components. The advent of technological advancements in the education landscape in Indonesia has provided a number of benefits to the educational institutions as well as corporate trainers such as multi-modal training, online tests and tutorials, live video streaming with the teaching faculties and few more other facilities.”

The future is bright for those in Indonesia’s tech market, and even brighter for the students entering the world of digital education. Still, Education system in Indonesia has a lot of ground to cover. With Internet penetration on the rise, these edtech startups have come in to fill the need-gap in Indonesia; have a look!

1) Harukaedu

Also known as PT Haruka Edukasi, is a company that provides easy solutions to enable universities to offer quality online education with minimum investment and risk. The firm is all up to provide a better future to Indonesians through affordable, quality online degrees and education.

2) Kelase

It is a social networking and online learning environment for the education agencies. It aims to improve the education of Indonesia with the use of ICT. It makes learning and teaching a enriched experience, exciting, easy to measure and monitor in a anywhere anytime mode!.

3) Codemi

It is a web based learning management system. Its distinct features enable schools to manage their working and teaching online. The platform provides features like:

- User management: under which management of staff and faculty can be done. Working of the institution can be mapped.

- Training catalogue: develop own private course library and categorize for easy search.

- Learning path: Setup a learning path in sequence for every learner. It also helps in assessing the progress individually.

- Discussion board: enables students and teachers to interact with other online. Beneficial for class discussions.

- Test and evaluation: Build tests to measure learning process and enjoy fully automatic evaluation workflow.

- Gamification: Gamified the learning process to make it fun. Setup rewards for any activity that completed by the learners.

- Mobile app: provides learning in anywhere anytime mode!       

4. Ruangguru

Launched in 2014, the startup operates Ruangguru.com, an online marketplace for private tutoring with over 27,000 teachers covering more than 100 subjects. It also offers a mobile app and a learning management system.

5. Squline

It is an online learning platform created to reinvent the language learning experience. The company offers a new approach of language learning by connecting you with native teachers around the world to practice and improve your conversational language skills, at anytime and anywhere you want. The platform makes it easy for the learner as it’s convenient for you, just sign-in, select an available teacher, and start your session whenever you feel like.

Designed to replicate the experience you would have if you are learning the language in the country of origin, they believe the best way to learn a language is to learn from native teachers through interactions with them as much as possible. All the sessions are one-on-one LIVE Video call, giving you the best environment for developing listening and oral skills in a fun and effective way. Not only do you see and hear your tutor via video-conferencing, but we also provide a lesson guide and learning materials based on your skill level.

6. DANAdidik

It is a fund-raising site specialized in student loans; Allowing the public to participate in the financing of a student's education.

7. Quintal

It is an academic portal which integrates the functionalities of Learning Management System (Academic) and Student Information System (Administrative) to serve Indonesian schools, catering National and SPK (previously known as national plus and international) schools. They serve as a data-sharing and communication platform between a school and its teachers, students and parents. Each and every role has unique features and means to share data and communicate among one another. While we start off as an LMS+SIS platform, we aim to be the backbone of Indonesian education system. Empowering schools with affordable yet effective tools and services to constantly better our education system.

Which other startups do you see impacting the Indonesian edtech ecosystem?

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