[Infographic] Teacher's Love For Technology is Changing Classrooms

Gone are the days when teaching meant the traditional use of blackboard, chalk and pencils. Technology has a major role in the 21st century and schools are adopting it across the globe. While at one point in time, adopting technology into the classroom may

have been perceived as stressful and forced for teachers and students alike, as it stands now, students aren’t just excited about using technology , teachers are excited and highly capable of utilizing its presence in the classroom. Technology is being seen as an aid to teaching by many teachers and they are enthusiastic about its use in education.

From smartboards to class computers to e-readers, e-textbooks, to various apps and tools, each new technology presents new modes of both teaching and learning opportunities. Teachers are finding new ways to adopt and implement technology into the classroom . Technology has made teachers ready for 21st century and more efficient than ever.  They make the student learning fun and efficient.

In fact, a majority of students say that technology has helped them to achieve their academic goals, while a majority of teachers say they would like to use even more technology in the classroom. (Also See:Key Findings-What Teachers Feel About the Growth of EdTech)

This amazing infographic by OnlineUniversities shows that teacher's love for technology is changing classrooms.

 Teacher's Love For Technology is Changing Classrooms

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