5 Great Videos on How School-Parent Communication is Evolving

A lot has changed in the way school, and parents communicate in the 21’st century.

From being a mere recipient and supporter; parents are today actively involved in the education process of their children. Also the school communication with parents is now ‘paperless.’ The prime focus is to keep the parents updated on all the aspects of learning process and reforms that takes place in the school administration too.

The list of five videos mentioned below give an insight on how school are using differential ways to communicate with the parents.

Paperless school communication with parents

Schools across the globe are seeking ways to improve their communication process with parents. In the process, they have evolved into digital transmission of information from what used to be on papers few years back. Let’s check out how this evolution of communication process has helped to form better relationship with parents and students in the video below.

How innovative schools are connecting with parents to the classroom?

The teachers in the video share innovative ways in which they connect to the parents. These ways may be setting up of website to connect with parents or use of other digital tools. Let’s check how they evaluate which tool to use in order to bridge the gap between school and home.

Increase parent involvement utilizing technology

In the digital generation, an experienced teacher highlights on how parents can actually make of different digital collaboration tools to become a part of their child’s education process. Today teachers too prefer staying in touch with the parents through digital collaborative tools.

Schools Find New Ways to Communicate With Parents

The schools in the United States take up different ways to communicate with the parents. Besides mails they connect with the parents taking up other ways too. Let’s check what those other ways are in the video mentioned below.

Employ technology to improve teacher-parent communication

In the video mentioned below, we find different educators discussing on the best ways to enhance and conduct effective communication with parents. The attempt of the educators is to keep the parents informed on performance of their child constantly. Let’s check out how these educators are doing it.

Thus, the evolution of school communication with the parents is helping in bridging the gap between schools and home. Today the school communication mechanism is very efficient and systematic. Hopefully this mechanism grows further to help the purpose of true education prosper to its fullest extent.

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