How Ed-Tech Is Necessary for Teachers to Educate Students in 21st-Century Skills

As the technological advances continue to emerge and support our daily lives, it is no wonder to see its impact on our global economy and education systems.


In this modern era, more and more organizations and school embraced the EdTech or Education Technology in their classrooms than ever before.

The fact that the education system has remained broadly the same for over hundreds or even thousands of years ago, showing that technology is truly changing that – in a rapid way – but how does it affect teachers as well as the students?

In this article, let’s tackle the impact of EdTech on educators and how does it affect the learning and education of the students in the 21st century.

Encourages more collaboration

The main and sole purpose of technology is to make our lives easier. This fact could be seen in the modern education system as they incorporate technology into the knowledge-giving process from teacher to their students. Technology makes it easier for both students and teacher to involve more into collaboration with each other.

This is in terms of communicating effortlessly in the classroom or at home and then shares their ideas and works through online.

Automate teaching-related processes

Automation is one of the main advantages of incorporating technology in education. For example, in the old times, teachers tend to spend long hours, days, or even weeks just to calculate their student’s grading papers. But with the use of technology and different Ed Tech tools that are available from different sources can now cut down these after school stress while giving the teacher’s peace of mind.

Additionally, tons of Ed Tech tools can also improve the collection of student data as some of these programs allows the teacher to provide data to their students. This will show what skills a certain student needs to work on and master.


Improve digital literacy

The most important skills for students as well as the educators in the 21st century is the Digital literacy. Having the basic to complex knowledge on how to use the internet and technology will become a standard requirement for different jobs for the students in the future. Ed Tech incorporation in classrooms sure is beneficial for teachers to improve their own and their student’s digital literacy.

Help the teacher in classroom management

Several Ed Tech tools are available and specially designed to help the teachers in terms of classroom management. This technology could help them keep track on the behavior of the students and keep their parents informed about it. Through the internet, parents, teachers, and students can stay in touch anytime and anywhere.

Some apps allow the student to communicate with their teachers about their curricular concerns, important reminders, and sharing their home works.


Supports creativity and fun

EdTech tools are there to support the student and teacher’s creativity in terms of presentations and reporting. For example, instead of using tons and tons of papers and lots of time consumed in writing details, EdTech tools can significantly eliminate these traditional methods of teaching. Additionally, it also promotes fun as there are several games and apps that can help the student get away from boredom and make them interested in the topic while educating them at the same time.

Helps in a comprehensive research

The use of several education technology tools for training colleges, secondary, and elementary surely helps them in researching important facts about their lessons before presenting it to their students. This important skill is needed by the students in the 21st century because it can reduce the time spent on the library or at home. Students are more involved in researching activities and finding relevant resources which is why searching things over the internet will surely help them reduce their time, effort, and even at costs.

There are still a lot of reasons how Education technology does affect both the students and teachers. This, in fact, changes the traditional education systems in terms of its effectiveness and efficiency – but we can absolutely conclude the innovations of methods and tool for EdTech is significantly changed the education system of teachers training colleges and molding a better, brighter, and skillful future generations.

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Michael Clark is a lifelong gamer. He has written several articles on teaching and technology. He also writes for a site offering teaching courses in South Africa.

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