How Machine Learning Can Enhance Education System

Without a doubt, the advanced transformation has changed about each industry.

At the cutting edge of this digital revolution are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). Many industries like the education system, transportation, healthcare,  and marketing have started adopting the emerging technology to enhance their business plans of action.

Machine learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is getting more popularity and acceptance in almost every industry. The main objective of machine learning is to allow the computer to learn and perform actions automatically without human help and fine-tune the actions appropriately. This is the reason why machine learning is gaining importance in many industries. Here, the technology will perceive the data, it’s pattern and will make preferable decisions. According to CMO report, AI technology will create more than 13.6 million new jobs in next ten years as the growth of technology which is getting faster acceptance throughout the world.

Higher education needs to enhance to upgrade the experience for students, faculty, and staff, and it can do so by adopting emerging technology. Though machine learning is the new revolution in higher education, it can bring remarkable positive changes in this area. In this article, I’m going explore some ways in which machine learning can help to improve the education system in the near future.

Customizable learning experience

By introducing machine learning in schools, the traditional methods of learning with physical books will be transformed into e-learning. Also, the teacher will never again need to keep the records of each student. In fact, the machine will be capable to deliver the concepts and establish goals for each student. The aim of this feature is to help a teacher to follow and observe each student in the class. Thus, a teacher can see and judge which methods are working or which methods are not working well and what needs to be changed in the syllabus to make things easier.

Prediction of student path

Some companies have developed software programmes to predict how well a student can excel in educational programs activities and the chances of dropping out from school. Based on the student repetitive actions, the programmes recognize their weaknesses and examine whether they can lead to expulsion.

Better organization of the process

Machine learning has the ability to analyze content - what works for best and which concepts are best to organize the content and curriculums to make easier to understand with certain techniques. Therefore, the learning process for student becomes easier and they can learn important things in a way that they are comfortable with.


Exclusive grading system

By using machine learning, transparency and accountability will be enhanced in the grading system. Therefore, scores and grading system of student won’t be affected by the attitude of teaching faculty but will be based on their performance only. However, still, some assistance from teaching faculty will be required in any case.

Matching students and teachers

No more worries about teachers availability. The programme in machine learning will allow matching of students for available teachers. No more appointments and no need to worry about another meeting into your busy schedule.

New classrooms strive to create a personalized schedule for students according to their syllabus and speed of learning. It makes students free from the pressure of scheduling meeting platform. Students come as they are and the program adapts to them. This makes learning more comfortable than before.

Performance feedback - Students and Teachers

The machines aim not only to show the grade of the students but also give feedback by analyzing the data and their recent work submissions.  Machines perform based on the programme of how to analyze the progress of the students. The same process will apply to the teachers also which allows a teacher to know where they need to do changes in their job. Meanwhile, students will come to know their gaps in knowledge, where a need to be improved and which pattern should be followed to achieve better results.

In spite of the fact that the Machine learning and Artificial intelligence are progressing quickly in the market, the field has attracted little consideration regarding their effects on policies and employment. However, the resources are organized and simplified into a refined model with machine learning.

Machine Learning is the new way to speed up the progress in the educational system. It can enable students to make the process of learning more fun and challenging with the guide of AI technologies. In fact, nowadays, as the size of classrooms is getting increased, machine learning can help teachers pay more attention to every student in a fair way. So, this will dive our education system to a brand new level when schools implement it in their curriculums. As the technology improved in machine learning, the influence in the education system will be even more. And we hope to see a positive effect on the future of education.

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