How Do Students Prepare for a Seamless Transition from Campus to Corporate life?

How Do Students Prepare for a Seamless Transition from Campus to Corporate life?

“Life must be a preparation for the transition to another dimension”- Terence McKenna

True holds the saying and it is universally applicable to everyone in life for life has its different phases. But what do you think, is it easy for a student or fresh graduate to begin a smooth stride in the corporate world just after completing their campus life?

Well, the answer is No. At first it may definitely look up to be an uphill task but with both knowledge on technical and soft skills the transition becomes a smooth stride for any student. Clearly, the corporate world is a place where in hands it’s all about action than just having a sound theoretical knowledge on accomplishing a task. Also, it is all about showcasing how flexible the graduate is, how ready they are to take initiatives, their social skills, productivity and leadership, critical thinking and creative skills to complete tasks in real time and under constant pressure. However, as it is said that, ‘Nothing is impossible!' as the word itself says I M POSSIBLE’. Graduates can take a smooth transition if they step forward well prepared. We begin our tips today with technology - as it is the considered as the ‘Most’ important skills in the knowledge economy. Take a look!

Applying Technology Effectively

The work culture in the corporate world has undergone a drastic change and we all know that. But what is the major driving force in such a change. Well, it is technology and this is so much of emphasis is laid upon imbibing tech skills in students so that they are ready for the job market.

Basically, whatever technical skills they had developed while completing their formal education, say- Information Literacy, Media literacy and Technology Literacy, it’s a time that they utilize them (based on situation and nature of task) in accomplishing a task. In the digital world, with the help of technology, it is possible to be quick at work, provided one knows the hacks to use technology as a tool to may be research, organize, evaluate and communicate information or use up digital technologies to access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create information to successfully function in a knowledge based economy. So, start making the best use of technology at work.

But, please note, one needs to check out the fundamental understanding of the ethical and legal issues related to the access and use of information within the corporate, quite similar to what they are used to doing while working on network based systems in the universities. Because, at the end of the day if there are any loops or mishandling found in the access of critical information, they are directly answerable to the management of the organization.

Coming to the life and career skills, in order to deal with the complex life and work environment, one needs to be also consider the following skills to make their transition smooth to the further extent.

Observing things of the Corporate World

Pay close and keen attention to the corporate culture as one needs to learn how things work within the organization.

Remember, the corporate expects different things from any employee (be it fresher or an experienced person) unlike what the University expects from the students. In the University, a student is normally accustomed to have exams that follow a definite structure, syllabus and time table. These exams are predictable to a large extent. However, in the corporate world, graduates will find, they will be tested in some form of an exam or another. They will be tested based on their contributions to the organization and value additions made to the organization. They will also be tested on whether they could keep up to the pace of developments in the industry, has managed to keep up good relations with their stakeholders and customers. But this exam are not structurally well defined and neither can be predicted.

Graduates may have seen that in Universities, once a field of study is chosen, it is not possible to change it. However, in the corporate world, such is not the case. They can easily change to different role based on their aptitude and inclination. Say, if one has selected a technical path in the beginning, he/she may well move on to a marketing role or project management role as per individual skill and aptitude in that area and corporates does give scope to do so, if they too find the graduate good at some other skill.

Open to Ideas & Experiences

A fresher’s outlook to organization is vital to make progressions in your career. In this way, you will know the paths that you did not know and also discover choices that help you grow up. Corporates, prefer candidates who are open to moving places for work. So, it is important that one remains flexible to taking a step forward to accept opportunities of growth by moving places for work and give a boost to their career.

It is important that one brings in fresh thought and aptitude to the organization so that it helps the organization to improve. However, one need to also learn to stay patient and understand the culture of the organization and best of all, it’s important to give one ample time to cope up to the changing environment and situation.

Finally, yes it is true that campus life and corporate life is much different at the fundamental level, and as a new entrant, need to say, it will be challenging. But, do not take a step back and embrace this transition as it is going to change the life for better.

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