5 Best Videos to Refer When Talking of Social Emotional Learning

One concept that has widely flourished across schools and colleges of developed and now also the developing countries of the world, is the concept of Social Emotional Learning (SEL). But can you say why it is so?

Well, believes of the educational experts are that it is through Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) that, development of students’ core life abilities takes fruition and that’s actually critically important to a child’s development. When lives skills are nurtured along with the development of academic skills in parallel, students not only become active contributors in the classroom but eventually as they grow up, they become responsible contributors in their workplace too.

Talking of development and building of social and emotional learning, one cannot but afford to miss out an important point that, the benefits of learning this skill does not just end at graduation. It is a lifelong skill required by students to exercise it at every point of their life. Employers therefore increasingly seek out for this skill in candidates who are looking for employment in any organization across the world.

Hence, as institutional leaders and one who has the great responsibility to build a generation through demand driven education, it’s not just important for you to look out for Social and Emotional Learning Trends but check out some very resourceful videos highlighting SEL learning to seamlessly plan out how to accommodate it in the Core Curriculum Standards.

1. Social Emotional Learning & Workforce Readiness

Expand your knowledge on Social and Emotional learning with a video, created by the Committee for Children as they reflect on the concept by explaining how kids gain skills not just to help them attain academic success but one that lasts a lifetime, offering long term results throughout one’s life.

2. Positivity through Social and Emotional Learning

This Video will give you an insight on how Adams- Friendship Area School District, Wisconsin is using Social Emotional Learning to spread positivity among the kids- studying in the school. The central message of this video is to reflect on the magnitude of SEL for student development and how this type of learning also goes on to impact the overall growth of the institution. Check out the video below to know more on it.

3. Social & Emotional Skills and the Education 2030 Agenda: IIEP Strategic Debate

Watch out what Dirk Van Damme, the Head of Division in the Directorate for Education and Skills at the OECD has to say on the relevance of SEL in a modern 21’st Century Education. Your will find in the Video, a detailed discussion on how the measurement of social and emotional skills is imperative for the broader success of Education 2030 Agenda.

4. Social & Emotional Learning at the Urban Assembly

In this particular video, hear it on from the principal, teacher and student of The Urban Assembly, a New York Based Non-Profit Public Secondary School. Each of them talks on the benefits of SEL and how it is extremely important for the character development of students.

5. Building Social, Emotional and Academic Skills

The greatest benefit of developing social and emotional skills is that, students gain a lot of confidence and the ability to work in harmony with peers on projects or group assignments. Taking this idea to the next level, you will find, teachers of the Pearl Cohn High School actually allow the student to attend daily advisories to build social, emotional and academic skills. And to know more on it, you have got to watch the video below.

Well, we hope the videos listed above were really beneficial for you to expand your views about Social and Emotional Learning. It is indeed a skill for life and work which needs to be channelized in the right way possible by teachers to build the future of students.

Have you started with teaching SEL skills in students, reading at your institution? If, the answer is ‘Yes’, write to us how do you do that and what impact has it left in the students in terms of their academic success and overall behaviour so that other educators may gain inspiration from your practice and suggestions.

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