7 Schools of the Future - A Thought!

7 Schools of the Future - A Thought!

Schools focus on imparting knowledge. The basic purpose has not changed from the first to fourth Industrial revolution.

Though the outlook and purpose of education have changed; the classrooms, curriculum and assessments have undergone minimal impact. With lots of awareness spreading towards learning and learning processes, change may not be a long distant dream.

The tools used in education have broadened to a large extent. The mode of ‘search for knowledge’ switched from browsing books to browsing the net. The ‘world wide web’ made possible the thirst for knowledge from ‘acquiring’ to just ‘searching’.

The arena of such vast knowledge has opened hidden doors. The job profile of millennials has seen a major shift from ‘routine’ to ‘cognitive’. With new area of expertise emerging, and wide scope for expansion, today’s schools should play a major role in providing millennials skills to work with an unpredictable future. As Albert Einstein says

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

It is now well understood than ever before that schools needs a renaissance in the way they approach learning. Educationists around the world have put forth different ways in which this can be achieved. However, the major contribution towards the change should come from the very institution that frames the rules towards building curriculum. With no major change in the curriculum, schooling remains stagnant, without actual flow of ideas or ideologies. John Dewey rightly states this as

If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of their tomorrow”.

Schools need to inculcate a habit of understanding and promoting student-based interest. This helps in building a more focussed future.

What type of schooling are we talking about?


The future can be built around the 7 types of schools mentioned here.

1. Language and Art schools:

The school is designed for those whose interest lies in Language, literature, Dance, drama, Music, Art etc., These types of schools’ entire focus will be to enhance the aesthetic sense and develop the artistic talent among its students.

2. Creative and Design schools:

The expansion of raw form of art to creative visual representation – which may also relate to architectural creativity and innovative designs for instruments, vehicles etc., These schools’ should also focus on technology adaption for developing designs

3. AR, VR and Robotics schools:

Emergence of AR, VR and Robotics shows an enhanced curriculum with technology. The tech savvy students preferably would focus on the development of artificial intelligence in these schools.

4. Repair, Recycle and Reuse:

The ‘Planet savers’ or the ‘Go green’ school will think about various ways waste and unused machineries can be converted to useable solutions.

5. Building and Manufacturing schools:

The demand of building new modes of communication, transportation, navigation or buildings may not change much. These schools develop the eco-friendly, energy saving or self-sustaining approach to achieve them.

6. Business strategy and analysis schools:

Economics plays a major role in a country’s future. Business establishments and economic analysis play a major role in the future. These focus on the market analysis and people competencies to develop their business. Business law and people policies become a part of such schools

7. Religion, Culture and Tradition focus schools:

People and their history, values and ethics are required to maintain law and order among citizens of a country. These types of schools focus on sustaining and promoting indigenous values of co-existence among the global citizens.

About the Author
I work as Academic Coordinator at Nalanda Educational Institutions, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Worked in implementing Technology supportive curriculum in our organisation. Trainer and Curriculum designer for technology based Curriculum.

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