5 Videos on Classroom Hacks to Make Teachers Job Fun & Easy!

You must have heard innumerable times that the combination of talented teachers and high-quality technology, used in the right ways is all that’s required to exhilarate classroom experience of students and the teachers as well.

Most importantly, edtech is an important characteristic of 21st Century pedagogy and learning because it has the ability to empower the whole experience.

Technology based teaching methods and resources can effectively engage students and build their skills. But because, technology is still a new concept for the teachers and they are still calibrating themselves to the new style and models of pedagogy, therefore many educators encounter difficulties when using technology in the classroom. Considering this, we bring to you some helpful classroom hacks for the teachers to make their job both easy and fun.

1. Uses of Modern Technology in Classroom Teaching: Technology in Education

One of the most important aspects of education these days is the technology that is in place in a classroom and so, learn from expert Mark Valenti on how to use technology in classroom teaching. This video should help you gather enough confidence about using technology in teaching, as, it isn’t complex a task at all.

2. 50+ ways to use technology in the Classroom

The videos mentioned below is nothing short of a complete package, considering the fact that Vicki Davis, the Cool Cat Teacher shares with the fellow teachers on how to use technology in the classroom. This video should further boost your level of confidence in using different type of handy tools in pedagogy.

3. Assessment with Technology

We all know how important assessment is for the teachers. And in this regard, when technology is brought in the process, carrying forward any type of assessment say- pre-assessment, formative assessment and summative assessment becomes a lot easier and less time consuming. Check the video below to learn how technology can do the tricks!

4. Teaching Effectively Using Instructional Technology

In this video, you will find Lola Eniola Adefeso, Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering explaining on how she makes use of tablet PC and Clickers in a large lecture course. Using technology in the pedagogy empowers teachers. It helps the teachers in making their lecture sessions engaging for the students and which is why students pay complete attention to what is taught to them in the classroom.

5. Creating Google Classroom for Teachers

Google for education has created a very powerful tool for the teachers and learners. Using this tool, teachers will find that it really streamlines assignments, boosts collaboration between a teacher and the learner, fosters seamless communication and makes teaching the digital age more productive and meaningful.

The video below will help you to create a Google Classroom teachers account and also make best use of all the features available in the tool. The top four videos must have given you a lot of confidence in using instructional technology in the classroom and the video below is yet another positive back up for you in this line.

We hope you will find the list of videos mentioned above useful. Given the fact that you already have sound pedagogical knowledge, now it is just the time to integrate your technology skills with it and make teaching worthwhile for the students. There is absolutely nothing to fear and it’s all a matter of practice which you need to keep in mind as far as making use of technology in pedagogy is concerned.

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