5 Best Things About Australian Education That Other Nations Can Emulate

5 Best Things About Australian Education That Other Nations Can Emulate

Quality education opens humans’ eyes to possibilities and options through enlightenment.

That said, educational achievements can actually inspire personal confidence and positive self-concept among learners. Perhaps, taking such into serious considerations, Australia’s laws promote quality and an all-inclusive education in its country.

The fact that the number of international students seeking a University education in Australia is only in the increasing trend than otherwise, goes on to further speak about the quality of education system in the country. In the graphical presentation below, you can witness China making up the largest proportion of International students studying in Australia, followed by India, Nepal, Malaysia, and Vietnam.


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Today in this piece, we do not wish to project that Australia has reached a panacea of education. However, there are certain praiseworthy features of Australian education which needs a mention and must also be shared so that it gives a push to the other countries to emulate such features and enhance the education system in their respective country.

The features apply to all levels of education, from primary and secondary to post-secondary including postgraduate studies. Once you finish reading, you will find that these features of Australian education are technology-enhanced and this is indeed the strength of Australian education. All students, teachers and schools and institutions have access to useful technologies and have made wise choices regarding how and when to apply these different technologies for learning at the different point in time.

Feature# 1: Student-Focused Education

The primary goal of Australian teachers is to understand whether their students are learning properly. In case, teachers find that students aren’t learning properly, these teachers change their methods immediately. In Australia, teaching implies Active actions that teachers undertake to help students learn better. The aim of Australian teachers is to help students become well-rounded by balancing their studies and including ample sports and extra-curricular activities.

Teachers provide time-to-time feedback on their assessment, tutor students and provide students with extra help all-time and meeting their families to understand the students’ context and what might be inhibiting their learning.

Feature #2: Australian Teachers Promote Active Learning

In Australia, students are engaged in various kinds of activities both in and outside the classroom. So, students do not just listen to lectures from teachers but have to also write down what teachers ask them to do as a part of the lesson activity.

Basically, this process is to help students take ownership of their own learning process and learn through the hands-on learning experience. Australian teachers do not think of them as the keeper of information or the conveyor of information. Rather, they prefer the role of guide-on-the-side. Students get involved in various creations, building, construction, testing, dissecting, sorting, organizing, experimenting and many more other active learning experience. Students thus get actively engaged with their learning and learn on a variety of aspects most essential for students to relate their learning to real life.

Feature #3: Education is Personalized and Equitable

Students have always treated an integral part of the school or University, giving them the much-required encouragement to foster their skills in the best possible ways. Whenever required, the students are provided with extra support to meet all their needs.

Teachers make the best use of data analytics tool to receive early alerts to provide student timely support in their learning needs. This is why, students at risk of failing, dropping out in the middle of academic sessions, or becoming stressed out are very low. Further, to offer equitable access to learning material, the school or college administrators keep a watch on students if none is falling short of the access to education. For example, if there is a case where even a single student in the classroom is unable to access or use an online resource in the education space, while the other students are enjoying it, then administrators quickly work on to it, keeping it on high priority, to resolve the issue.

Feature #4: Assessment is Well-Designed and Promotes Quality Feedback

Assessment is a key learning tool and considering so, you find in Australia assessment does not give back an impression that it is just a process which confirms students’ achievement in the subject matter. Rather, Australian teachers take a step ahead to offer students a lot of specific feedback throughout their studies so that students can apply such guidance to continually reinforce and build their learning.

While multiple choice exams test memorization and essays reinforce in students’ academic skills, the reports that are prepared based on it, help students grasp workplace skills. Increasingly, teachers also prefer the creation of assessments that can be posted online and can provide real-time impact to students’ learning and their career.

Feature #5: Australian Education Focuses on Graduate Outcomes

In order that students have knowledge, skills, attributes, reflective capacities and identity one needs to secure and maintain careers and contribute to the knowledge economy. This is why, in Australia, graduate employability features in the strategic plans of most universities. Further, the employability plans are not simply focused on on-campus career centers but involve industry visits too.

The employability programs are strategized in a way that it does not only teach students on writing an appealing resume or master just interview skills. Employability is embedded throughout the curriculum and assessment process and most importantly, teachers have detailed discussion with the students on what they studying and how they could relate their learning to their future employability.

Thus, in a nutshell, In Australia, education is adaptable to the unique student needs and supports the development of each and every learner. They also have a mind-expanding curriculum which helps students develop their mind and accumulate life-transforming knowledge in the learning process.





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