Videos to Help You Teach Students the Importance of Digital Footprints

As we see today digital crime is almost exploding in ways that we didn’t ever imagine; it is time that teachers devote their attention towards educating students on the meaning of digital footprint.

Yes, the time is such that, students are almost emotionally and physically attached to their devices and many of their relationships exist within technology.

Accept it or not, but social media or the internet world is a paradox- it presents both benefits and risks to students. So as teachers, you must not only give them content knowledge and skills but may as well impart some of the worldly knowledge. Give some thought to, how you can guide students to monitor their online activities and its long-term ramifications they can have on their ability to achieve those goals.

We have compiled a list of five videos that will help you teach students the importance of digital footprint and online reputation.

1. What’s in your Digital Footprint?

Students must learn to think carefully before posting and sharing anything and everything, right? But, unless they get to know the importance of digital footprint, and that in the present world they take their digital identity everywhere, students will not be cautious about their activities online.

The video below will therefore help you get an idea as to how you could make your students understand what’s in their digital footprint.

2. Understanding the Impact of Digital Footprint

In this video, a middle School Teacher- Brian Van Dyck of Santa Clara, California interacts with the students to teach them how to analyse a text, present an argument and evaluate the risks and rewards using social media to present one’s self to the world.

3. Building Digital Footprint

In an era where each of the individual has their own legacy fossilized online through the use of social media, this short video will actually help your students understand how they need to build a positive digital footprint. In this video you will hear some media professionals speaking with the students and guiding them how to build a digital footprint.

4. Lesson in Trail- How to Follow Digital Trail

It is a must watch video for the teachers and they could also share it with the students because, watching this video, students learn about digital footprints by following the tracks of two animals who left information online.

5. Your Digital Footprint

It is particularly important for today’s students to know that what they do online can impact their digital footprint, permanently. The video below is a good reference for the teachers to understand how they could explain the students to have control over their digital footprint, managing their privacy and at the same time enjoy all the benefits that the online world has in store for one.

We hope the list of videos were useful to you and if that’s the case, we think you should, by now, be in a better state to start a friendly discussion on the topic with your students.

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