How to Build an Efficient, Effective Examination Management Process

How to Build an Efficient, Effective Examination Management Process

Conducting examinations of large group of students in a distributed environment is a daunting task for the exam bodies.

Many administrators go through an overly excruciating process of handling the examination with huge amount of data such as scheduling, managing the users, administering multiple examinations in a single center, avoiding impersonation, ensuring the Question Papers are not tampered, delivering question papers securely. It is needless to mention, managing high-stake examinations requires a huge manpower with the enormous costs.

One survey on examination malpractices claimed that on an average of six out of 10 universities or exam conducting bodies face exam related malpractices. It also claims, “The result also shows that the major types of examination malpractice being perpetuated in universities are possession of ‘foreign materials’ during examination, collusion by students to cheat in examination and continuous assessment malpractice.”

Mindlogicx has developed an integrated examination management system that addresses the pain points inherent in the traditional method of conducting exams and ensuring complete peace of mind to the exam conducting body. IntelliEXAMS® that can revolutionize the entire examination processes by diligently meeting the requirements of conducting its high-stake examinations. From conducting examination to result processing IntelliEXAMS® handles everything. It helps in developing simplified process for data processing, fee processing, attendance uploading, exam scheduling, internal marks uploading and declaration of the results. It ensures a simplified system for data backup and recovery.

Significantly, IntelliEXAMS® helps to eliminate the menace of question paper leakage for examinations by securely delivering question papers electronically Just In Time. This is achieved by transferring the question papers online directly to the right candidates from the secured cloud in an encrypted format Just In Time through a smart intelligent future proof device called IntelliPAD®.

Mindlogicx has designed the solution with a major thrust on security standards. The containment of the question paper till the day of the exam and electronically releasing encrypted question papers via IntelliPAD®. IntelliPAD® is an e-ink and biometric access enabled device through which you can deliver question papers without compromising at security level Just In Time. Not only that, it has many other features such as anti-hacking technology.

IntelliEXAMS® is not only about conducting examination, it also takes care of securing answer sheets and the processing of secured marksheets. After completion of examination, digitized version of answer sheets is being saved and uploaded into the server and each authorized evaluator is allotted a predefined number of answer scripts for evaluation. IntelliEXAMS®’s on-screen marking enables the “On the GO-Anywhere, Anytime” on-screen marking of digitized answer scripts and the digitized answer scripts can be valuated numerous times.

Evaluators can evaluate the answer scripts from anywhere anytime. During the evaluation process, evaluators can also access reference keys for the questions for easy reference whenever needed. During the entire evaluation process, the identity of students is totally masked to provide secrecy and sanctity to the whole system. This onscreen evaluation allows system to automate the total score of answer sheets promptly.

Not only conducting high-stake exams is a painful process, evaluation of answer-sheets and result processing is hectic job. Universities struggle to tackle fake certificates. Digitization brings easy process oriented, quick and accurate assessment process with 100% security.

If there is a problem, there must be a solution, else it’s an illusion. Find the solution in the world’s first integrated and intelligent Examination Management System, IntelliEXAMS®. The only solution that can address the menace of examination malpractices. Experience IntelliEXAMS®, the technological marvel of the century. It integrates, connects and delivers high-stake examinations seamlessly. IntelliEXAMS® is a Power Packed Platform that uses Social Intelligence.

Benefits of IntelliEXAMS®

  •        Distributed Authoring of Question Papers
  •        Secured Delivery of Question Papers
  •        Onscreen marking of Handwritten Answer Scripts
  •        Results Processing & Publication
  •        Certificate Authentication System
  •        Complete e-governance of the system encompassing examination scheduling, exam application, exam fee management, exam attendance management, hall ticket generation, report generation, faculty mapping, college mapping and many more.

Choose IntelliEXAMS® and experience the architecture of future examination process. To know more visit

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