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While a lot of teaching and learning is going online, some basic functions are being ignored. Institutions are inclined to embrace the use of technology in their teaching practices after realizing the efficiency that comes with it. Similarly, in other areas like admissions and fee submission going online can bring about a lot of convenience and ease.

With so much emphasis being given to digitization of the schools let’s talk in detail about the benefits one can get by digitizing just the admission process:

  • To capitalize on your potential customer is the mantra for any organization. Talking about educational institutes it is essential that the institute has a wide reach so that more students can enroll. Using a fully featured school management platform that allows for the entire end to end admission process to be brought online helps an institute to capitalize on the potential consumer base as digital admission forms can be distributed to a larger number of students and parents using diverse digital marketing channels. This results in cost effective outreach to a larger potential customer pool unlike before and since the process is digital, it saves paper, time, effort, reduces errors and improves enrollments.School-Skies-online-registration-form
  • The little things matter. Information brochures, deadlines, long queues for those applying or the endless enquiry calls to the institutions, etc. as a part of manual admissions take a toll on all the people involved. Students get worried looking for information on the admission process, updates on the application status and other admissions-related information which stresses them out. This all can be resolved by using a school management platform which can take admissions online and paperless allowing all the necessary information or updates to be created, shared and managed right from a single panel and easily made available to all the people involved – admission counselors, school helpdesk representatives, students and parents. With the help of digital marketing, schools can send parents relevant emails and mobile messages – which can be easily personalized to include student names as well as updates on admission tests, interview dates, reminders, admission status & even fee payment guidelines.
  • For chains of schools with multiple branches, online admissions are a go-to approach. A cloud-based school management platform like SchoolSkies, that supports online admissions, will enable the school chain to offer a central, customized and uniform admission experience for all branches keeping in mind the diverse needs. The platform tracks total numbers of applicants visiting your admission page, tracks the source of the traffic so you know exactly, if your SMS, WhatsApp worked, or it was your Facebook campaign or any other channel that succeeded. The platform also keeps track of returning visitors, form fill status, and geo tracking. It further keeps track of partial application fills so that you may retarget those specific applicants if need be.
  • Eliminate most common human error. Collecting, compiling and processing admission application without human intervention is the key to error free admissions. The applicant data is captured and stored as filled directly on the system to minimize human errors. An institution is only required to review applications, verify documents submitted and then put a status on the application based on the acceptance criteria. The system automatically moves applications into accepted & rejected queues and sends the relevant notification to the applicants.
  • The system stores all the data securely including contact details, application details, documents & payment details to ensure data integrity and longevity. Access to such information is only available recognized and approved individuals. This eliminates the need for schools to invest in expensive hardware, software and technicians to manage security.
  • Built in industry standard payment gateway for easy online fee collection. SchoolSkies uses billdesk to collect application form fee, admission fee, session fee and other fee/fine to avoid cash mishandling, cheque disputes, fund clearance delays, long queues, and helps in improved fee management for the school as well as parents. The system also generates immediate alerts, receipts and notifications against all payments and therefore saves time & effort for all involved, especially for the parents during the admission season by helping them avoid long queues to collect admission forms and pay fee.

SchoolSkies is already being used by over 30 schools and has shown an average improvement of 15% in admissions for new schools:

1. DAV Group of Schools, Chennai
All of their 10 schools switched to the online admission process in the last 3 years. SchoolSkies’ admission process has handled over 20,000 admissions for DAV Group of Schools, Chennai till date. It helped them avoid the long queues in front of their schools, smoothened the screening and selection process and has also allowed them to announce results discreetly & directly through the SchoolSkies system.

2. Bhavans Rajaji Vidyasharam – Chennai Group
Bhavans Rajaji Vidyasharam – Chennai Group is another top school group benefitting from the 100% paperless admissions.
They have been using the SchoolSkies system for the last 4 years, creating great convenience for the parents and schools. The management team at Bhavans Rajaji Vidyashram, greatly endorses digital initiative and has been very appreciative of switching to online admission process with SchoolSkies.


About SchoolSkies:
SchoolSkies is a unique school management solution which helps digitize all school related processes. It can greatly improve your school’s visibility, digital brand and lead to quality admissions. It offers modular implementation to address the most crucial needs for schools & parents. It is created with a vision of enabling schools to achieve their academic goals, starting with online admissions, including rarely thought features like “issuance of transfer certificates”. SchoolSkies handholds the institutions to go paperless!

You may request a demo or more details by filling out this web form or visit the SchoolSkies website: or Call/Whatsapp: +91-9962563694

About the Author
Author: Priyanka Gupta
Priyanka is a blogger by profession and has an increasing interest to write about the edtech space. While writing she keeps in mind the educators to come up with right resources and ideas which might be relevant for them in relation to effective use of technology in their profession and institutions/classrooms.
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