Today’s Higher Education and Career Selection Has To Be Not Smarter But Wiser

Today’s Higher Education and Career Selection Has To Be Not Smarter But Wiser

While many of us follow our dream, or at least hope to do so, the secret to it is to have a winning plan.

Like any other plan to be successful, it needs an obvious goal in the first place, a strategy to achieve it, time to reflect and review and probably the most important being the execution. This is where most falter and it really helps if you can plan your execution with an expert who have either walked that road or understand the challenges

Dreams are intrinsically private; but some of them are so much a huge part of our convention that the roadmap to those is often a messy one. Education for example, and more specifically higher education whose wiser choice more often than not architects our personality. Many of the students in their aspirational age follow convention and thus dreams itself are re-designed to suit the influential path. While it may be practical to do so, any goal that does not connect the heart and the brain is always achieved less.

Whilst it is a great idea to give wings to your education and career dreams, it is also prudent to keep it realistic by deep-diving internally to see that fitment and also doing enough research to identify avenues to achieve it. Choices available for higher education can be a labyrinth of information explosion and can lead to anxiety and consequent bad decisions. Higher education selection thus, is best optimized with help, guidance and expert counseling.

Education is the foundation of life and a great career is the epitome of professional success. A rock and relevant foundation is the starting point of that dream career. It is in this context that the choice of higher education should be given enough time, research and be subjected to scrutiny to give you the kick start in life. Right, relevant and valid information for the choices available complimented with professional guidance and mentoring can work wonders. The world being a global village now, the best option for a great education and a rewarding career is available at your fingertips. It is not the dearth of options anymore but to choose the best that fits your aptitude, budget and aligns with your interests and goal. Today’s higher education and career selection has to be not smarter but wiser.


Authored by Biju Warrier, co-founder of Education Cube Inc., based out of Toronto, Canada. Education Cube ( is a limitless online platform optimizing the opportunities available for students pursuing higher education though its data driven technology.


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