Reveal Your Students’ Plagiarism in Google Docs

Reveal Your Students’ Plagiarism in Google Docs

Checking the papers of your students can take a lot of time.

Depending on the subject and the discipline in question, you may spend hours evaluating the work your class has done. This has always been a typical problem for teachers everywhere, and it might have gotten worse with the advancement of plagiarism. Now you not only have to check papers for their correspondence with your requirements. You need to make sure that the writing is original—otherwise, all your further actions will become worthless.

There are plenty of ways to check your students' papers for plagiarism. Some of them are free and simple, while others can turn out to be more sophisticated. In this article, we will describe the advantages of using the add-on as compared to other ways of detecting cheating. You may find using this tool more convenient than exploiting plagiarism-detection websites and much more reliable than simple checks, like Google Search.

What is the PlagiarismCheck add-on?

It is a comprehensive similarity-detection system developed by the team which you can easily integrate into your Google Docs. Now there is no need to copy source text and to insert it into online checkers. As soon as you add to your Google account and run it, the system will automatically scan the text in your document for duplications. No need to open any extra tools in separate tabs of your browser.

How do I get the add-on?

All you need to start using it is to install this add-on to your Google Docs. After that, it will be available every time you use your Docs, which is highly convenient.

The procedure for installing the add-on is simple. First, get the application from the store. Then start the app in the “Add-ons” section of your Google Docs interface. You will see an authorization window inside the add-on. After you log in to your account, you can run checks through your Google Docs to find any plagiarism in your students’ writing.

Why is using the add-on more convenient than using other tools?

Add-ons are extremely useful for people who are tired of using dozens of online resources or apps at the same time. As you start checking the papers of your students, you can keep at least several different tabs open in your browser. Using them all is time-consuming and also annoying. It is much easier to install the add-on into your Google Docs once and use it for every paper you need. Now it is enough to open the paper in Google Docs and to log in to your account to have all the duplications revealed in the text.

How effective is the PlagiarismCheck add-on as compared to similar services?

The software is specifically designed to ensure academic integrity in K-12 schools and higher education institutions. combined complex algorithms and an easy interface to save your time and ensure a thorough check of your students’ papers. Here are some more advantages of the service.

While it is easy to use a checker integrated into your browser, is also a reliable tool that helps you enhance the academic integrity of your students. The software detects fragments containing hidden plagiarism, e.g. rewrite, paraphrase, patchwriting, etc. It provides a detailed report on plagiarised sections giving the source of the copied text. If you are using the add-on, will give you the report right in the document you are checking.

Do not wait for plagiarism to undermine your reputation!

It is never pleasant to see your students cheating. On the one hand, the dishonesty of other people is not exactly your problem. But the situation is different when you have to maintain your good name and the reputation of your school. That is why we all try so hard to detect plagiarism and teach students the importance of original writing. We hope the add-on will help you keep the high standard of academic integrity in your classroom. It makes the detection of plagiarism much easier for everyone.

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