Tackling the Tech Savvy Generation in the Classrooms

tackling-tech-savvy-generation-in-classroomThis is a a guest post by Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra, Vice President (Academic Training/ School Audits) Next Education India Pvt Ltd.

Walls and Friend Requests have come across more popular than Hello or Hi in the schools today. Infusing technology into the curriculum is the swing today !

The need for today towards the teaching segment has dwelled with intelligence and IT friendly requisites by all. Quality Education is reflected by the involvement of the Quality Infrastructure at the learning arena which otherwise is not of any use and children friendly.

The parents are requested to make their choices today for admission in majority of the mushrooming shops around the country more like any other service industry with the option to have a round around the school, the classes and even they are told to leave their wards in the class as a trial run for them to decide of taste. Computers, software, CDs and Smart Toys ought to be considered as a supplement to the other, more concrete learning activities like completing puzzles, building with Lego and blocks, reading books, creating art projects and playing on the playground…”, is obvious by our observations and research, out of the present day scenario. On very grounds of improvement planning and the paradigm shift with education being characterized by technology enabled instructions, collaborative learning, multidisciplinary problem-solving and promoting critical thinking skills,  e-learning, a household name for the students today offers a wide variety of ICT enabled classroom solutions for learning the Smart Way ! It allows a user-friendly option for the learner to be integrated in what is desired and acquired to his or her requirements class and level wise.

No wonder you tell a child to write an essay as homework, he/she is bound to download the content to present before you the next day, making you baffle to the interest of the many others lying in the queue. The parents often think this as a menace out of the challenging work wisdom they possess in order to earn their daily living. Their frames are not yet over with more demands for the CD-Burner and Scanner for more computing and smart-study as they call it. The only option available to the poor parents of the IT age is to ponder over for solace and to accept novel ways to convince their future generations in regards to motivations and guided involvement.

The Requirement

The march from Web 1.0 to 2.0 and now to 3.0 offers requisite of each and every student of today to be IT enabled by chalk and the cheese. The teachers need to harness the requirements to the best of their abilities and interest further. They need to be dependent on some Smart teaching options available to them in the classroom to make the learning scenario interesting to the kids. E-learning viz. Destination Success is one such solution for the teachers. This offers a visionary methodology to educate each and every child of the country with specialization in the art of scalability involving people, processes and technology. The focus applicates towards building the innovative capabilities and performance at the institutional level periodically. The scenario today examines the requirement of a classroom equipped with LCD projector and facility for computer mediated instructions of the type will aid the teacher in developing a quality teaching learning environment. Specifically such classroom must have:

  1. A projection or display device which can project a sufficiently large image to be viewed by every student in the classroom without causing eyestrain.
  2. An electronic interactive white board system
  3. Computer with UPS System
  4. Education content library mapped to CBSE curriculum/ State Board Curriculum covering all major subjects across all grades.
  5. Electronic Response system for each student to enable real time assessment.
  6. Resource person to help teachers on a day to day basis to use the digital classroom systems.

But at the same time it is indispensably true to keep in mind, however, that computer software cannot teach a child the concepts that he/she is not developmentally ready for. Computers should always be considered as a supplement, an aid to other, more concrete learning activities like completing puzzles, building with Lego and blocks, reading books, creating art projects and playing on the playground. It is universally true keeping the database analysis in view out of the day.

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