Videos About Assessment Educators Must Watch

Assessment is the core to any pedagogy.

Assessing students with different caliber with same means is unfair. Technology has been able to make it fair by helping educators look into the learning needs of students on an individual level and also assessing it likewise.

The videos below will help you get a better understanding of the concept of assessment: 

  1. Assessment in Education: Top 14 Examples

This video introduces educators and teachers to the various forms of assessment that are associated with education. This video will focus on 14 specific examples of assessments. Those examples are the most frequent assessments that students, administrators, and educators are likely to come across. Some of the examples of assessments include formative, summative, diagnostic, formal, informal, behavioral, screening, individual, and many more. All of the various assessments described here are given a brief overview for the educator.

  1. Understanding assessment – what every teacher should know

Assessment is a wide concept and this video will help educators get a better understanding of it. The video explains all the concepts of the term “assessment”. It covers aspects like validity, test construction, task type, test reliability and the impact of it. The presenters also focuses on how testing relates to the classroom, and how testing leads to effective teaching and learning.

  1. Tech Tips From Teachers: Formative Assessment Apps

This video comes from Google developers in which elementary teacher Emily Tombes talks about the key features for assessment apps.

  1. Student Portfolios for Classroom Assessment

This is about using portfolios as a means of assessment. Portfolios measure student growth over longer periods of time than normal assessments. The video offers many examples of contents that can be found in the portfolios. Well, all in all, if you’re considering to use portfolios in your classroom, this is one video you must watch to get a knack of it all.

  1. Online Assessment with Multimedia - Digiskills Good Practice

  1. Assessment and Evaluation in Online Courses

  1. Effective assessments in online courses

In this videos, Dr. Melissa Kaulbach and Dr. Jeri Nowakowski discuss effective assessments in the online learning space. Everything from pre & post knowledge surveys, cumulative projects, case studies, and well-constructed assessments that allow students to move to higher level thinking.

  1. Peer Assessment: Effective Student Feedback Online

Peer assessment is a great way to move towards student engagement. the video explains how peer assessment can be a great thing to adopt in classroom.

  1. Real-Time Assessment: Providing a Window Into Student Learning

This video will show you how using a variety of tools ranging from a free online personalized learning platform to Google surveys, paper assessments, and quick and easy formative assessments can enhance student learning.

  1. Tips and Tricks for Assignments, Assessments, and Student Feedback

What’s your take on the importance and ways of assessing students?

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