A Comprehensive List of YouTube Channels for All Your Classroom Needs

A Comprehensive List of YouTube Channels for All Your Classroom Needs

YouTube Channels for History

This is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner. The channel shows some great playlists on American restoration, black history month and more. Also check fast facts on some of the most popular history figures.

2. AlternateHistoryHub
Get all the “What Ifs” of history answered, right on this channel. With the knowledge of historical facts, geography and population this channel will upgrade you with events that could’ve happened. Playlists on Europe, united America and Rome history are a must check for those who are obsessed to know it all about these places. And apart from these know more on what would’ve happened if Germany would’ve won the World War 2 or what if European imperialism would’ve never ended.

3. #History
A great channel that covers history documentaries, popular history of Vietnam, Japan, China, Islam and more. Know more about scientists from history. And so much more!

4. War Achieves
And this one is completely dedicated to war history. A great pick for the civil students. From the Boer War to the Cold War, via two world wars, this channel will give you all the information on 20th century military history. New videos are uploaded on every Tuesday. Get playlists on great historians, Adolf Hitler, real war footages, evacuation of 1939 and so many more.

5. Smarthistory, Art, History, Conversation
This is one of the best web resources to study about history of art. With a focus on art this channel shows the art of Pacific Islands, Smithsonian design museum, Frick collection and more. The best part is the segregated playlists according to period of time. Ancient cultures, Medieval Era, Renaissance in Italy and the End of Renaissance and what not. If you love art and history, you’re not getting over this channel anytime sooner.

6. History Scholar
One of the best channels with specific playlist dedicated to sub topics. Learn more about the holly bible and worlds greatest empires, ancient history and dark gray ages, ancient Greek, archeologist and late Atlantis. More for those who want to access information on ancient history of places.

7. British Pathé
With a new theme for every month. This channel tells a story of a particular topic. Every Thursday new videos are uploaded and special videos on alternate Tuesdays. A rather unique series of videos. This is a must check for all the intrigued ones.

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