A Comprehensive List of YouTube Channels for All Your Classroom Needs

Using videos as a part of learning content can be really engaging for students.

It works as an added source of information that supplements their learning for the good when we talk of videos, YouTube is the first platform we like to check. But the difficult part is to get hands on the best from the bank YouTube offers. This list is going to help you get your hands on some of the best YouTube channels. The list comprises mention of channels on various subjects like Physics, Geography, Math, English, Science, and History.

YouTube Channels for MATH

1. Numberphile
This one is surely for those who are in love with math. Always solving an equation or other in mind. a great source to enhance your mathability. Learn about hyperbolic geometry, graham’s number, unexpected shapes and a lot more.

2. Mathantics
Arithmetic, algebra, fractions, percent and more. Learn from the comprehensive lessons on the various topics of math. A great source to learn all the difficult stuff easily and in a fun way. The engaging videos are too good to learn math.

3. PatrickJMT
Get straight to the point videos from the expert. Former Math Instructor at a Top 20 University. MA in Mathematics with 1 year of PhD work; Patrick makes exceptional videos to make you understand this challenging subject. Integrals, derivatives, limits and a lot more from this channel.

4. Math Meeting
From ratios, proportions, calculus, algebra, scientific notations, trigonometry and exponents to fraction and decimals. Name it and chances are that you will get it. Mostly all the topics are covered in this channel. Great videos to make you understand it all.

5. Math and Learning Videos for Kids
This showcases some amazing math and learning videos for toddlers and elementary students. Animated videos explain the concepts of numbers, addition, subtraction, telling time, place value and much more in an engaging manner to make kids learn in a fun way.

6. Mr. McLogan’s Math Channel
With an aim to help students gain a better understanding of mathematics this channel can help you a lot with your math struggles. Learn pre-algebra, geometry and more.

7. YourTeacherMathHelp
Check thousands of comprehensive math lessons on this channel. It’s more like your own personal math teacher. Learn algebra, college algebra, math for SAT, ACT, GRE, GED and more.

8. Mathbyfives
An educational and entertaining channel where you can learn most of your math concepts like limits, contingency tables and more complex stuff.

9. Mathispower4u
This channel provides math tutorials from basic arithmetic through calculus III and beyond. The videos with the yellow background are mini-lessons. The videos with the graph paper background are examples only. Get access to amazing playlists on parametric equations, power series, length-surface-area, differential equation and a lot more.

10. My Secret Math Tutor
MySecretMathTutor is a channel dedicated to free online math tutorials. In this channel you'll find math videos covering a variety of topics. Get videos on calculus, limits, the rules of derivatives, graphing rational functions and a lot more stuff that can help you.

YouTube Channels for Science

1. In a Nutshell – Kurzgesagt
Get access to Videos, explaining things. Like evolution, time, space, global energy or our existence in this strange universe. The term ‘Kurzgesagt’ in itself means ‘in a nutshell’. Videos in this channel are with after effects and illustrators. Know about technology and society, human immune system, nuclear energy, space and stuff related to universe. The channel has something to offer to anyone who is interested to know and learn about science.

2. Nottingham Science
The channel includes videos on topics such as electrons, lunar eclipse, physics education, trees and plants, periodic tables, solar eclipse, cosmology environment and more.

3. Veritasium
An educational science channel by Derek Muller started in 2011. The videos range in style from interviews with experts, such as 2011 Physics Nobel Laureate Brian Schmidt to science experiments, dramatizations, songs, and—a hallmark of the channel—interviews with the public to uncover misconceptions about science. The channel has videos about radiation, inertia, how pyramids are built, uranium, chameleons and a lot more that will keep you engaged on the PC.  

4. Your Discovery Science
From one of the most recognized TV networks, discovery science is dedicated to providing the most entertaining, intriguing and fun content all in the name of science. Get playlists on gadget and technology, body facts, sports science and numerous videos to know about psych, brain, cosmos, asteroids and a lot more.

Get your weekly dose of fun and interesting science facts explained in a fun and enjoyable way. The channel has something unique to offer. Get to know more about hypnotism, brain on illusion learn periodic table like a song and more cool stuff, interesting, eh?

6. Vsauce
Get numerous playlist on particular topics like earth, space, physics, technology, mind, complexity, space, human behavior and a lot more. Get the best of the Internet from this channel and learn more and more with each video.

7. SmarterEveryDay
Learn something new everyday with this channel. Explore world with a scientific touch. Know about helicopter, jellyfish singing.. (I didn’t knew this), acoustic levitation and a lot more!

8. MinutePhysics
Love physics? This one is for you with a little more sweet science. Get your facts write with videos that will tell you why isn’t it faster to fly west, how to go to space, they physics of car crashes, how do bikes stay up, how big is the sun, hoe do airplanes fly and if all these have already got your mind popping up check the video below to get a glimpse of amazing stuff out there on this channel.

9. Applied Science
Subscribe to see interesting applications of science and technology. You'll see how an electron microscope was built in a home shop, how an X-ray backscatter system works, how to make aerogel, and many other hi-tech projects. Topics usually include electromechanical systems, chemistry, and electronics. Hosted by Ben Krasnow.

YouTube Channels for History

This is the leading destination for award-winning original series and specials that connect viewers with history in an informative, immersive and entertaining manner. The channel shows some great playlists on American restoration, black history month and more. Also check fast facts on some of the most popular history figures.

2. AlternateHistoryHub
Get all the “What Ifs” of history answered, right on this channel. With the knowledge of historical facts, geography and population this channel will upgrade you with events that could’ve happened. Playlists on Europe, united America and Rome history are a must check for those who are obsessed to know it all about these places. And apart from these know more on what would’ve happened if Germany would’ve won the World War 2 or what if European imperialism would’ve never ended.

3. #History
A great channel that covers history documentaries, popular history of Vietnam, Japan, China, Islam and more. Know more about scientists from history. And so much more!

4. War Achieves
And this one is completely dedicated to war history. A great pick for the civil students. From the Boer War to the Cold War, via two world wars, this channel will give you all the information on 20th century military history. New videos are uploaded on every Tuesday. Get playlists on great historians, Adolf Hitler, real war footages, evacuation of 1939 and so many more.

5. Smarthistory, Art, History, Conversation
This is one of the best web resources to study about history of art. With a focus on art this channel shows the art of Pacific Islands, Smithsonian design museum, Frick collection and more. The best part is the segregated playlists according to period of time. Ancient cultures, Medieval Era, Renaissance in Italy and the End of Renaissance and what not. If you love art and history, you’re not getting over this channel anytime sooner.

6. History Scholar
One of the best channels with specific playlist dedicated to sub topics. Learn more about the holly bible and worlds greatest empires, ancient history and dark gray ages, ancient Greek, archeologist and late Atlantis. More for those who want to access information on ancient history of places.

7. British Pathé
With a new theme for every month. This channel tells a story of a particular topic. Every Thursday new videos are uploaded and special videos on alternate Tuesdays. A rather unique series of videos. This is a must check for all the intrigued ones.

YouTube Channels for English

1. BBC Learning English
With a proper timetable for the week, spend few minutes each day to work on a particular skill and enhance your English. This channel will help you access great grammar, drama, news, study, pronunciation, vocabulary, music, interviews and celebrity videos.

2. English Lessons with Alex
This is a great channel I came across. This one is sorted in three parts beginners, intermediate and advanced lessons for your ease. Also, those preparing for IELTS & TOEFL will find great English proficiency lessons. The interesting thing that I found on this channel is that they have videos with titles like learn English with the Hunger Games or Star Wars or the Pac-Man way, which is a fun way to get you started.

3. British Council Learn English
Expand your knowledge of English with the most renowned British Council Lessons. The best thing is they have playlists sorted in a manner that users can excel the set they wish to. Explore Shakespeare, IELTS or basic grammar on this channel simply by playing a perfect playlist that will cover all the aspects. The channel also has something for the kids. You can easily find kids stories and nursery rhymes for the little ones.

4. Rachel’s English
This one is for those who specifically want to master the American accent. New videos are added on weekly basis and for the non-natives, closed caption guides in every video. The series of “how-to-say…in American English” videos is a must watch.

5. EnglishLessons4U – Learn English With Ronnie
Get access to English lessons on grammar, pronunciation, grammar, spelling and more. Interesting videos on this channel are the ones that talk about confused words and the missed situations.

6. Benjamin’s English Classes
With a special focus on learners speaking skills this channel features some amazing videos that will definitely improve your dialogues and conversations next time you talk in English. Along with this, you can also improve your vocabulary and grammar from his videos.

7. Fun English
A must channel to follow for people with small kids. This one features lessons for kids to teach them English as their second language. Ideal for ages 3-10, the channel covers a range of topics like naming objects, colors, adjectives of description, body parts and a lot more. The videos are presented in a fun and engaging manner to keep kids engaged. Cartoons and other fun visuals are integrated so that kids can learn while enjoying.

8. eVidyarthi: Basics of English Speaking for Beginners
Get your hold on tenses, grammar, phrases and improve your speaking skills with videos from this channel.

9. Learn English With Let’s Talk – Free English Lessons
Now this is something completely different! The channel features some unique videos like snack time vocabulary, food vocabulary, phrases with the use of one particular word. And apart from all these fun and knowledgeable videos you can get some serious tips on how to improve your business writing, corporate training, IELTS & TOEFL lessons.

10. A.J. Hoge
Learn it from the expert. The #1 English teacher in the world. Learn speaking English effortlessly and improve your vocabulary, spoken grammar, and pronunciation much faster.

11. VOA Learning English
A rather different approach to make you learn English. Learn American English with news reports that are read at a slower speed along with sub titles so that you can grasp the accent easily and have a better grip at words.

12. Go Natural English
And this channel will make you a pro to understand what those native speaks. The channel emphasis on the native speakers so you get to learn from the naturals. Improve English fluency, read faster and learn it to the extend that it comes to you naturally.

YouTube Channels for Physics

1. MinutePhysics
How do we know what air is like on other planets? How big is the sun and why do we put telescope in space? Get all your questions answered over this channel. Amazing videos that cover almost all aspects giving you knowledge in unique ways with great examples. Get playlists on quantum physics, and videos segregated in chronological order and a lot more.

2. PhysicsGirl
Created by Dianna Cowern, this channel is a big hit. Amazing playlists covering range of topics like everyday physics, space and universe, experiments that you can actually try, black holes and a lot more. Altogether it’s a great channel to discover more of physics.

3. DrPhysicsA
This channel will be of help to students pursuing physics. The videos are organized into playlists: A Level Physics Revision, GCSE Physics Revision, A Level Physics Exam Questions Examples, Atomic Physics, Electricity & Magnetism, Particle Physics, Thermodynamics, Nuclear Physics, Classical Mechanics, Special & General Relativity, Cosmology, Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics and Miscellaneous.

4. Physics Videos By Eugene Khutoryansky
Electric circuits, aerodynamics, nuclear physics, philosophy of physics, laws of motion by newton and beyond that, quantum, mathematics and so much more. This channel has so much to offer for those keen to know more on a regular basis. All you have to do is stay updated on their updates.

5. PBS Space Time
Hosted by Matthew O’ Dowd, this channel is completely focused on astrophysics and anything beyond the planet earth. New videos are uploaded every Wednesday. Great playlists on cosmology, space and time, relativity, aliens, futurism, origins of matter and time and NASA. With this channel you can definitely explore the skies.

6. SciShow
Not just for physics but covers the whole of science. A great channel as it presents content in rather different manner. Talk shows, quick questions, guest interviews, and a lot more. You can learn a lot from this channel as you get to see the best from the best. The videos are uploaded four times in a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

7. #Physics
Auto generated by YouTube this channel is a collection of all the physics resources over YouTube. So this one is a must for you all.

8. TheBadAstronomer
Look beyond the myths and misconceptions of astronomy with this channel.

9. Sixty Symbols
Get all cool stuff on this channel. Get access to playlists on neutrinos, multiverse, magnets and their nature, solar system and online lectures from physicians like Roger Bowley, Professor Moriarty.

YouTube Channels for Geography

1. GeographyNow
Want to go places? The Perfect channel for you. This channel covers every single country of the world. Get playlists on each country of every continent. The videos explain about the countries, their flags history behind the flag and name of the countries. Political geography.

2. WonderWhy
The world is complicated! And if you wonder why get help on this channel. Learn about the complex borders and the most complex international border. America! Country or Continent? Get all the answers. Why Korea split into North and South Korea. There is “No end” to your learning on this channel. Explore more and more with each click.

3. GeographyHub
A dedicated channel to feed all the geo heads. Learn what exactly makes up our world, and how it has shaped our history, culture and personal lives. Talk about continents, rivers, oceans, countries, culture, and anything that can be labeled on a map.

4. #Geography
Know more about Geography & Culture, Geography & Landform, Geography & Bible, NCERT Geography, videos to teach kids about Geography and anything that has to do with geography. Basically you will get everything on this encyclopedia of all geo related stuff!

5. NASA Goddard
And this one has some serious stuff to offer. Watch for the latest in NASA's research into planetary science, astrophysics, Earth observing, and solar science.
A good channel to get the best of geography from the best people around the globe and about the globe.


Which other channels you’d like to see in my next piece? Make sure you mention in the comment section below!

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