[Infographic] The Rise of eLearning Amidst COVID-19 Quarantining

Colleges and universities around the world are transitioning into online classes as they evacuate students from campus in prevention from spreading the Coronavirus.

As a result, the market for eLearning will reach a $300 billion market value by 2025, and the use of AI in education is expected to grow by 48% by 2022.

The students adjusting to eLearning are loving the new shift. In fact, 60% believe online learning helps them develop a fleet of soft skills including critical thinking and problem-solving, time management, attention to detail, writing skills, teamwork efforts, and oral communication. Online learning is also more affordable, which is why 60% of undergraduate students opt for this method of education.

On the other hand, educators are enjoying their new normal, as well. To get specific with you, 98% of educators think that interactive video will be essential in the future - which is their primary method of relaying new material to their eLearners. Educators say e-video use enhances content consumption and increases retention rates. Moreover, 93% of educators think predictive analytics will change education - hence the incorporation of chatbots and artificial intelligence in the classroom. Educators believe EdTech AI streamlines the creation of customized learning pathways available.

However, there is always an up to every down. The Coronavirus pandemic has forced the closure of schools around the globe, challenging educators to use online tools to continue their teachings. In March 2020, COVID-19 prompted domino-effect school closures which disrupted education for at least 119 countries - including school closures in 107 countries.

As of March 18, 2020, more than 862 million students have been impacted by the COVID-19 school closure crisis. Luckily, an epidemic allows online learning to be more adaptable and flexible for schools, and teachers to expand the use of online learning tech for lecturing. Checking how your credits will transfer, reading online reviews, and more can help you find high-quality online learning programs while you’re quarantined to prevent being infected with the modern-day plague. 

The History & Future Of Distance Learning

For more information on how COVID-19 impacts online learning, check out the infographic below.

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