Videos You Must Watch To Make That Dysgraphia Friendly Classroom

Dysgraphia is a learning disability that affects how the student forms letters, plans his writing and even affects spelling skills.

Students with dysgraphia face challenges in classroom that not only does affect their education but happens to disturb them mentally as well. Teachers of students with dysgraphia need to be mindful of how writing can be difficult for the student physically. Teachers’ support plays an essential role for a dysgraphia student to being able o overcome the challenges they face in their learning. Students are slowed down by the time it takes to individually form letters, and might easily get their thoughts jumbled. Due to this they are not being able to process the information and lag behind when it comes to writing down the same.

The videos below will help teachers get a better understanding of the issue, what are the early signs and how they can handle these children with sensitivity!

5. What is Dysgraphia? Not just a Handwriting problem. How you can fix it.

In this video, you can learn about dysgraphia, how to recognize the signs of dysgraphia in your child and what would be the first measures that you must take.

4. What Is Dysgraphia?

This video will give you an insight to various aspects to the dysgraphia. Basically, the video covers how can parents help the child to lead a normal life with dysgraphia.

3. Dysgraphia Exercises

In this video, Dr Phyllis Books will lead you through dysgraphia exercises to help build the muscles used in writing. Fun and easy ways to improve not only our handwriting, but help with the strength needed to play many different musical instruments.

2. Play Activities for Children with Dysgraphia

This video shows easy and fun ideas for a child with difficulty writing and/or dysgraphia. These fun activities help build the sensory pathways for writing success!

1. TTRS: Discover the Touch-type Read and Spell Way to Learn

A very nice video that shows the struggle dysgraphia children face. The video shows the thoughts that a child have when he see himself not being able to cope up with reading and writing despite his parents and teachers giving him extra time. Watch the video to get an understanding of how technology and especially typing help the children with dysgraphia .

Make sure you mention the activities and tips on how to help students with dysgraphia in the comment section below.

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