Managing Distance Learning in the Midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Is COVID-19 the Time for AI Education?

Traditional classrooms are closed. Hundreds of millions of children all over the world are now learning from home.

Can technology — supported by tech-savvy, innovative educators — create the right environment and the right method so learning can continue seamlessly?

How are schools moving learning online in a hurry?

We invited six Top Global Educators to share videos explaining how they are orchestrating and managing distance learning in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Deganit Ronen is the Principal of Westchester Torah Academy (WTA). When her school was alerted to the news of the first Coronavirus cases in the area, WTA became one of the first schools in the United States to close its doors.  Administrators, faculty, and staff sprung into action immediately to ensure that quality learning would not stop. Find Your Balance

Jennifer D. Klein is Head of School at Gimnasio, Los Caobos in Colombia.  As she notes in her video, distance learning is very different to what gets done in a classroom or in person. In Educating During the COVID-19 she offers important tips for helping students build community and creativity during a period of isolation. Educating During the COVID-19

Vicki Davis is the Director of Instructional Technology at the Sherwood Christian Academy in Albany, Georgia, a state that has been heavily impacted by the Coronavirus.  In this inspiring video, Vicki shares 10 tips to take you and your school online using the word “overcomers,” because that’s what she hopes you all will be. 10 Tips for Education’s Overcomers

Elisa Guerra teaches literacy skills and social studies in Aguascalientes, Mexico. In her video, Elisa shares 5 lessons her school has experienced so far in their distance-learning journey, and 5 tips everyone can try with their students. Lessons Worth Learning

Based in Finland, Maarit Rossi is an educator and the Founder and CEO of Paths to Math Ltd. Maarit has created 9 helpful tips on video to support global educators in the process of providing distance learning for their communities. Providing Distance Education

Based in the UK, Chris Williams is an educator and the Co-Founder and CEO of Chatta. Like in many countries across the world, schools in the UK are closed because of the pandemic. Teachers and parents are looking for home-learning solutions. In this video, Chris explains on video how Chatta Club — which is free for families of children aged 3-11– is helping children who have to stay home. Chatta Keeps Students Learning During the Pandemic

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