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Irreversible changes are sprouting across businesses courtesy the COVID-19 pandemonium.

Technological advancements & a faster than expected acceptability to eLearning have ensured Education as an industry leads this transformation. While cognitive abilities lie challenged for both students & professors, this pandemic has underlined the importance of skill revolution. Thus, calling for a collaboration between the government, academic institutions & businesses worldwide.

Stakeholders in India continue to consider student engagement, being job ready and accessibility as the sign of a successful education system. With a growth in online learning opportunities, peer-supported learning will witness a steep rise. Here are some of the key initiatives that shall shape the future of education:

Future of Classrooms

An emphasis on personalized learning within multicultural classrooms shall force greater integration and application of external learning options. Institutions as we know them today shall continue to deliver education albeit with a tweaked strategy. We shall witness a rise in partnerships between schools from different regions, shared resources and combined courses that would create the ‘it’ factor. Thus, cultural awareness, intercultural communication & being multi-lingual shall become a norm. EDHEC Business School already has multiple partnerships with top institutions to provide its students with a ‘global’ education.

Future of Learning

Already we are witnessing the shift within Learning, from knowledge based to competence based. Going forward, institutions shall look to deliver a more personalized and practical education. They shall collaborate with Business Partners to design courses that churn out job-ready professionals. In order to succeed, institutions must implement optimized assessment techniques to zero-in upon the right learning needs of their students. Future of Learning will be learning on-the-go i.e. any place and at any time. Thus, accessibility of education shall be a key pointer in expediting the success of learning.

ICT Tools

Successful implementation of Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) shall mark the spread of education into hinterland. Professors have been the fulcrum for delivery of education. In coming years, remote learning technologies shall share this honor. The key is to have greater engagement between students & professors. This will also lead to an emphasis on improving quality of professor learning. There shall exist many tools to assist students draw up personalized learning trajectories, online courses and even design learning communities.

Future of Jobs

Most jobs of present day did not exist a decade back. The following decade shall see many more job profiles becoming obsolete. As has been with the past few years, continuous upgradation of one’s professional skills shall remain a strong point in coming years. Unlike monochromatic careers, professionals will be open to challenges from different domains. Thus bringing about a greater professional flexibility. However, this does not necessarily mean an end of the specialist-era. With organizations turning leaner and an increase in employee career-changes, one shall also witness drumming down of organizational hierarchies, giving rise to parallel or horizontal hierarchies. While these changes are bringing the professional world closer, the sheer increase & dependence of professionals on exchange of knowledge will be unprecedented. Skilling and reskilling shall become a normalcy.

Thus, the many changes happening world over whether technological, globalization or initiated through immigration; continue to drive the current demand of an evolution in the Education strategy. With the emphasis on learning now shifting towards the learner, we shall continue to experience an agile approach towards learning. Personalization & Collaboration shall lay strong foundation for implementation of ICT tools whether LMS, Augmented Reality, Analytics etc.

About the Author
Author: Nilesh Gaikwad
Nilesh Gaikwad Nilesh is the Country Manager for EDHEC Business School France, ranked 1st WorldWide for its Programmes in Finance 2017. In his current profile, Nilesh handles all India-related activities for EDHEC Business School including but not limited to Corporate Relations, Brand Expansion etc. By qualification Nilesh is a Management Consultant & an IT Engineer. He has diverse work experience in Strategy Building & Execution, IT Product Management & Marketing across firms like 3i-Infotech Ltd, TimesGroup & Giftery. He has a cross-industry experience of working for start-ups as well as conglomerates. Nilesh regularly writes for leading newspapers on topics related to Education & Management.

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