Top 100 Teaching Blogs That Teachers Must Know

  1. Informed

Location: Sydney

Informed is a portal for the curious educators to hunt-and gather training news and industry insights in the world of eLearning and EdTech

Twitter followers – 4.8K

  1. Teach Like a Champion

Location: Albany, New York

The blog generated out of a book “Teach Like a Champion” reflects upon teaching, literacy, coaching and practice. It also reflects upon the gaps prevailing in the education world – achievement gap between the rich and poor, gap between what students think and what they write also the difference between school system and best school system in the world.

Twitter followers – 48K

  1. Class Tech Tips Blog

Location: New Jersey, United States

Monica Burns manages this blog and writes about technology. She share her experience that she had as a classroom teacher, she used iPads to create engaging, differentiated learning experiences to meet the unique needs of her students. Monica is specialized in short list posts about several educational tools and apps for teachers.

Facebook fans 8.8K

Twitter followers 58.3K

Instagram Followers 6.1K

  1. Teaching Made Practical

As the name suggests, the blog founded by Kalena Baker has resources that are practical in nature. She creates content which help kids learn by practical knowledge not theoretical.

  1. What I Have Learned • Resources to enhance your instruction

This blog is founded by an elementary teacher, who is continually learning how to become a better teacher. Herein, she provides plenty of resources and ideas to help enhance your classroom instruction.

Facebook fans 29K

Twitter followers 531

Instagram Followers 4K

  1. The Principal of Change | Leadership Education Blog

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Principal of Change is founded by George Couros. He is a learner, educator, and Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership consultant; also the author of 'The Innovator's Mindset'. He believes people need to inspire their kids to follow their passions, while letting them inspire us to do the very same.

Twitter followers 266.7K

Instagram Followers 11.2K

  1. Educational Innovations Blog - Teachers Serving Teachers!

Location: Bethel, CT

As science teachers ourselves, we recognize the importance of motivating students of all ages and engaging them in the process of learning!

Facebook fans 10.2K

Twitter followers 1.5K

  1. Class Tech Tips Blog

Location: New Jersey, United States

Class Tech Tips is owned by Monica Burns where she writes about the she and her students use technology in the classroom. Through this blog, she helps teachers looking for help as they navigated the fast-changing world of education technology.

Facebook fans 8.8K

Twitter followers 58.3K

Instagram Followers 6.1K

  1. dy/dan

Location: Oakland, California, United States

Dy/Dan was founded by Dan who is a former high school math teacher and updates on innovations, ideas, and news in math teaching. Through his blog, Dan Meyer appeals to both his inner nerd as well as the greedy little kid who wants something, to take and apply.

Twitter followers 77.9K

  1. Organized Classroom - Less Stress, More Effectiveness for Teachers

Organized Classroom - Less Stress, More Effectiveness for Teachers Blog is dedicated to those teachers who are or wish to be more efficient and effective in the K-12 classroom. This blog offers ideas, product reviews, and fun ideas for how to be more organized in the classroom!

Facebook fans 88K

Twitter followers 5.6K

Instagram Followers 3K

  1. TeacherCast by Jeffrey Bradbury

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

The TeacherCast is designed for both the seasoned teachers who are looking for some great resources as well as the teachers who are unsure of how to start incorporating newly developed 21st Century skills into their classroom. This blog also helps them get to know the latest websites and apps that are driving today’s classrooms.

Facebook fans 1.7K

Twitter followers 26.4K

  1. From the Pond

Location: Georgia, United States

Designed for K-3 teachers, from the pond provides printable K-3 teaching resources and clipart to the teachers.

Facebook fans 21.1K

Instagram Followers 45.4K

  1. The Whiteboard Blog - Education, Technology and Science CPD and Support

Location: United Kingdom

The Whiteboard blog is written by Danny Nicholson, an experienced teacher with over 15 years teaching/training experience in primary, secondary and special schools all over the UK. Herein, he writes about everything from the use of ICT in science to digital storytelling in class.

Facebook fans 5.3K

Twitter followers 12.5K

  1. Middleweb

The Middleweb blog provides resources for teachers, school leaders, parents and others interested in success of young students.

Twitter followers – 13.1K

  1. Autism Classroom Resources

Location: United States

This is perfect place for teachers dealing with students with autism. Here , Research Meets the Classroom. Frequency 1 post / month Blog Follow

Facebook fans 24.2K

Twitter followers 53K

  1. Resourceaholic | Math Education Blog

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Resourceaholic is a go-to place for math teachers as it is filled with ideas and resources for teaching secondary mathematics. With everything from Star Wars puzzles to mathematical handwriting, it's an award-winning blog for all things in mathematics.

Facebook fans 1.4K

Twitter followers 32K

Instagram Followers 476

  1. Imagination Soup | Kids Book Blog

Location: Denver, Colorado, United State

Melissa is mom, former elementary teacher, literacy trainer, and writer who love reading, writing, & kids’ books. Through, Imagination Soup, she shares fun learning ideas, activities, and book reviews for kids.

Facebook fans 31.5K

Twitter followers 30.5K

  1. The Master Teacher Blog

Location: Manhattan, Kansas, United States.

The Master Teacher Blog is one of the leading providers of Continuous Professional Development in the K-12 market. For almost 50 years, they are offering comprehensive, flexible professional development solutions that meet school and district needs. Their onsite, online, print, and workshop-driven solutions provide opportunities for ongoing learning and collaboration throughout the year.

Facebook fans 2.8K

Twitter followers 1.8K

  1. DyKnow

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

DyKnow is classroom management software that helps educators monitor devices, defeat distractions, & keep students on-task. It offers helpful articles, webinars, and resources curated by the Dyknow team with Teachers, Tech Coaches and Administrators in mind.

Twitter followers 2.2K

  1. Shelley Gray Teaching

Location: Canada

Shelley Gray, a mom and teacher started this blog with a motto to make math learning exciting, meaningful, and engaging. On her blog, both teachers and parents can find valuable teaching resources, ideas and reflections from an early year’s perspective.

Facebook fans 36.2K

Twitter followers 645

  1. Lisa Nielsen | The Innovative Educator

Location: Manhattan, New York, United States

Lisa Nielsen is the face behind this modern blog. To her school boring , therefore, she writes and tries to inspire teachers through her blogs that talks about innovative technologies and ideas that any teacher can use in the classroom.

Facebook fans 1.1K

Twitter followers 31.9K

  1. The Applicious Teacher

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

A teaching resource blog dedicated to helping fellow elementary teachers to not just get through the day, but to make every day count. Engaging products, funny posts, and everything and anything classroom organization, this teacher, wife, and mother brings the content in a realistic, simplistic, and humorous approach.

Facebook fans 41.9K

Twitter followers 918

Instagram Followers 16.2K

  1. The Educator Blog - Blog for teachers by teachers

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

The Educator Blog is a blog especially designed for teachers; and are written by teachers for teachers. This blog also offer the latest news, teaching resources and latest jobs.

Facebook fans 7.6K

Twitter followers 1.5K

  1. Daily Edventures

Location: Redmond, WA

Daily Edventures is the blog of Microsoft’s Vice President of Education, Anthony Salcito. He works with several educational institution and partners globally to embrace technology to optimize learning environments and student achievement .Mr. Anthony posts daily, spotlighting the everyday heroes in the education that he comes across with.

Twitter followers- 380K

  1. Brilliant or insane : Education on the Edge

Location: Cleveland,Ohio,U.S.

Brilliant or insane is published by author/education speaker –Coach Mark Barnes and remarkable team of writers. The blog covers most education topics, with edgy opinion about education technology, innovation, leadership, social media integration, progressive education practices, assessments and more.

Twitter followers- 89K

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