In the world of blogging, there are numerous employed as well as individual bloggers who are passionate about writing and providing us a sea of information covering different strata of life; education being one amongst them.

Herein, we have prepared a long list of 100 best education blogs from both types that have proved most useful in dispelling myths, providing staff development, and offering relevant resources and most importantly, read by most of the teachers and educators, for their classroom use.

Let’s check’em out: (In no specific order or rank)

  1. WeAreTeachers| Ideas, Inspiration, and Giveaways for Teachers

Location: Austin, Texas, United Nations

WeAreTeachers is an online media brand for educators committed to one of the toughest, most rewarding jobs out there. This blogs mission is to inspire teachers and help them succeed by sharing practical classroom ideas, the best freebies and giveaways, and teacher-to-teacher advice and humor .Also, helps promote innovation in education through collaboration and connection to the most effective classroom resources.

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Twitter Followers 530.1K

Instagram Followers 395.7K

  1. FreeTech4Teachers | Educational Technology Blog

Location: Maine, United States

FreeTech4Teachers was started in 2007 by Richard Byrne as a part of PD course that he took with the Great Maine Schools partnership. Currently, he conducts PD workshops, speak at conferences all over the world, write about educational technology etc. The whole purpose of establishing this blog is to share information about free resources that teachers can use in their classrooms. It has been awarded for its work under different categories several times.

Facebook fans 446.7K

Twitter followers 113.8K

Instagram Followers 1.4K

  1. Reddit – Teachers

Location: San Francisco, California, United States

Reddit is home to thousands of communities, endless conversation, and authentic human connection. The ultimate goal this blog is to provide a supportive community for teachers and to inform and engage in discourse with educational stakeholders about the teaching profession.

Facebook fans 1.4M

Twitter followers 707.6K

  1. What the Teacher Wants!

Location: Utah, United States

What the Teacher Wants was started in 2010 as a way for Rachelle to post pictures of her classroom and share her teaching ideas. Frequency 1 post / quarter Blog Follow

Facebook fans 215.2K

Twitter followers 3.4K

Instagram Followers 62.2K

  1. TeachThought | K-12 Education Blog

TeachThought is an idea and brand dedicated to innovation in K-12 education. This is pursued by growing teaching through thought leadership, professional development, resource curation, curriculum development, podcast publishing, and collaboration with organizations around the world.

Facebook fans 105K

Twitter followers 148.8K

Instagram Followers 1.2K

  1. Edutopia

Location- San Rafael, California, USA

Founded by innovative and award-winning filmmaker George Lucas in 1991, Edutopia is a trusted source shining a spotlight on what works in education. This foundation seeks to keep education moving forward and at the forefront of discussion. Edutopia is the one that comes up frequently when searching the Web for anything innovative in education. It has huge collection of videos, blogs, and up-to-date articles on the latest tools for educators.

Facebook fans -1.4M

Twitter followers- 1.1M

Instagram followers – 178K

  1. MIndShift

Location- San Francisco, CA

Mindshift is KQED’s contribution to innovative education. It takes its tag line “How We Will Learn” seriously. As such they are dedicated to highlighting the cutting edges of education. MindShift is staffed by the writers who are always on-the-hunt about the latest in learning and the technology that continues to enhance it.

Facebook fans-148K

Twitter followers- 86.6K

Instagram followers-44.2 K

  1. EdSurge

Location: Portland.

EdSurge was founded in 2011 by Betsy Corcoran, Matt Bowman, Nick Punt and Agustin Vilaseca to connect the emerging community of education technology entrepreneurs and educators. It strives to provide the best information by relying on a community-driven database of edtech products and articles.

Facebook fans -29K

Twitter followers- 10.3K

  1. ISTE—International Society for Technology in Education

Arguably the largest tech education organization, ISTE is home to a passionate community of global educators who believe in the power of technology to transform teaching and learning, accelerate innovation and solve tough problems in education.

It inspires the creation of solutions and connections that improve opportunities for all learners by delivering: practical guidance, evidence-based professional learning, virtual networks, thought-provoking events and the ISTE Standards. It puts together a massive gathering of educators for technology every year. It requires membership to get full access, but their education blogs are freely accessible.

Facebook fans- 77.5K

Twitter followers 169.4K

Instagram followers 10.8 K

  1. EdTech Roundup

Michael Karlin's EdTech Roundup was formed in early 2013 with the goal of helping educators with technology integration. The blog has a collection of reviews, lesson plans, suggested applications, professional development, ideas and more on this great blog.

Twitter- 5K

  1. Cool Cat Teacher Blog | Be a Better Teacher. Live a Meaningful Life.

Location-Mitchell, Georgia, United States

The Cool Cat Teacher Blog was started in 2005, by Vicki Davis, a full-time teacher and IT Director at a small school in Albany, Georgia. This blog helps teachers be an excellent educator everyday with advice, ideas, and inspiration. From last 18 years, she has been teaching teachers how to use technology in the classroom and also too students with new tools, enthusiasm, and belief that teaching is a noble calling.

Facebook fans 15.2K

Twitter followers 163.8K

Instagram Followers 3.3K

  1. Teacher Toolkit

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Teacher Toolkit run by Ross McGill, an award-winning deputy head teacher working in North London; is one of the Most Influential Blog on Education in the UK. On this blog, Ross writes about everything from leadership habits to keeping safe on social media.

Facebook fans 26.5K

Twitter followers 231.5K

Instagram Followers 7.8K

  1. The Chalkboard - Teach Starter Blog: Teaching Ideas, Games & Inspiration

Location: Australia

Founded in 2012, the Chalkboard creates brilliant high-quality teaching resources which can be easily downloaded and printed at home by primary school teachers and parents as well. Their mission is to help one million teachers and parents, inspire and engage children too, by providing resources that make learning fulfilling and fun.

Facebook fans 362.4K

Twitter followers 1.9K

  1. 1Plus1Plus1Equals1

1Plus1Plus1Equals1 is owned by Carisa, is a perfect place to find many free pintables that you can use in your classroom or homeschool.

Facebook fans 45.9K

Twitter followers 6.2K

Instagram Followers 9.8K

  1. SOLIDWORKS Education Blog - STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Location: Waltham, Massachusetts, United States

SOLIDWORKS offers 3D software tools that are easy to learn and use.

Facebook fans 1.2M

Twitter followers 187.5K

  1. The Learning Network

Location: New York

The New York Times Learning Time is a free blog not only for teachers but for students and parents too that provides teaching and learning materials as well as ideas based on New York Times content. Besides these, it allows teachers to use or adapt the lesson plans provided by them.

Twitter followers – 32.6K

  1. Education Week

Location: Bethesda, Maryland, United States

Education Week is an independent news organization that has been covering K–12 education since 1981. It is known for providing both news and analysis, along with explanatory and investigative journalism across a range of digital, print, broadcast platforms as well as through live and virtual events.

Facebook fans 223.4K

Twitter followers 857.5K

  1. Inside Higher Ed

Location: Washington, D.C.

Inside Higher Ed is a great source of content for anyone in higher education, including those looking for jobs. They have different sections including Admissions, Books, Technology, Career Advice, and Diversity. Inside Higher Ed also offer a number of webinars and research, news and opinions in the higher Ed space.

Facebook fans – 107.8K

Twitter followers – 242.7K

  1. Classroom 2.0

This blog is focused on bringing social media and web 2.0 into the classroom. It's not just a destination for content, but also acts as a social network for educators that are looking to learn more about integrating online strategies into their classrooms. They have groups at different schools that you can join and interact with, as well as many educational videos. They have over 78,000 members from 199 countries which really provide a variety of perspectives on education.

  1. Edudemic

This blog is all about technology in the education space. They provide tactful advice about incorporating technology in the classroom, including a teacher's guide to technology and learning as well as product reviews on the best laptops, tablets, and apps for teachers. They also provide best practices for online learning, including posts like "15 Tips for Facilitating Online Discussion" and "How to Design Effective Online Courses."

Facebook fans 36.2K

Twitter followers 217.1K

  1. TeacherTube

Launched in 2007, Teacher Tube aims at providing an online community for sharing instructional videos. Whether you are a teacher in any school or a home teacher, this is a perfect destination for you to learn from your peers. You can also find a variety of photos, videos, and audio recordings to use in your curriculum; and also join different groups focused on specific topics. TeacherTube is about a community and education for teachers, by teachers.

Facebook fans – 251,645

Twitter followers – 29K

  1. BookWidgets

Location: Belgium

BookWidgets writes in depth posts on education, educational technology, fun game tips for in the classroom, and articles that inspire any teacher. It also covers handy tips for BookWidgets users.

Facebook fans 2.6K

Twitter followers 1.9K

  1. Faculty Focus | Higher Ed Teaching & Learning

Location: Madison, Wisconsin, United States

Faculty Focus is dedicated to higher ed instructors. It publishes articles on effective teaching strategies for the college classroom, both face-to-face and online.

Facebook fans 2.5K

Twitter followers 11.1K

  1. Finding Common Ground

Location: Albany NY, USA

On this blog, Peter DeWitt, elementary school principal, on this blog he writes about student’s social and emotional health; also how educators can help young people find common ground.

Twitter- 35.7K

  1. Homeroom

Location: Washington, DC

Homeroom is the official blog of the U.S. Department of Education. It is home to numerous articles that provide insights on the activities of schools, programs, grantees and other education stakeholders to promote continuing discussion of educational innovations and reforms.

Facebook fans – 166.7K

Twitter followers- 1.3 M

  1. Informed

Location: Sydney

Informed is a portal for the curious educators to hunt-and gather training news and industry insights in the world of eLearning and EdTech

Twitter followers – 4.8K

  1. Teach Like a Champion

Location: Albany, New York

The blog generated out of a book “Teach Like a Champion” reflects upon teaching, literacy, coaching and practice. It also reflects upon the gaps prevailing in the education world – achievement gap between the rich and poor, gap between what students think and what they write also the difference between school system and best school system in the world.

Twitter followers – 48K

  1. Class Tech Tips Blog

Location: New Jersey, United States

Monica Burns manages this blog and writes about technology. She share her experience that she had as a classroom teacher, she used iPads to create engaging, differentiated learning experiences to meet the unique needs of her students. Monica is specialized in short list posts about several educational tools and apps for teachers.

Facebook fans 8.8K

Twitter followers 58.3K

Instagram Followers 6.1K

  1. Teaching Made Practical

As the name suggests, the blog founded by Kalena Baker has resources that are practical in nature. She creates content which help kids learn by practical knowledge not theoretical.

  1. What I Have Learned • Resources to enhance your instruction

This blog is founded by an elementary teacher, who is continually learning how to become a better teacher. Herein, she provides plenty of resources and ideas to help enhance your classroom instruction.

Facebook fans 29K

Twitter followers 531

Instagram Followers 4K

  1. The Principal of Change | Leadership Education Blog

Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

The Principal of Change is founded by George Couros. He is a learner, educator, and Innovative Teaching, Learning, and Leadership consultant; also the author of 'The Innovator's Mindset'. He believes people need to inspire their kids to follow their passions, while letting them inspire us to do the very same.

Twitter followers 266.7K

Instagram Followers 11.2K

  1. Educational Innovations Blog - Teachers Serving Teachers!

Location: Bethel, CT

As science teachers ourselves, we recognize the importance of motivating students of all ages and engaging them in the process of learning!

Facebook fans 10.2K

Twitter followers 1.5K

  1. Class Tech Tips Blog

Location: New Jersey, United States

Class Tech Tips is owned by Monica Burns where she writes about the she and her students use technology in the classroom. Through this blog, she helps teachers looking for help as they navigated the fast-changing world of education technology.

Facebook fans 8.8K

Twitter followers 58.3K

Instagram Followers 6.1K

  1. dy/dan

Location: Oakland, California, United States

Dy/Dan was founded by Dan who is a former high school math teacher and updates on innovations, ideas, and news in math teaching. Through his blog, Dan Meyer appeals to both his inner nerd as well as the greedy little kid who wants something, to take and apply.

Twitter followers 77.9K

  1. Organized Classroom - Less Stress, More Effectiveness for Teachers

Organized Classroom - Less Stress, More Effectiveness for Teachers Blog is dedicated to those teachers who are or wish to be more efficient and effective in the K-12 classroom. This blog offers ideas, product reviews, and fun ideas for how to be more organized in the classroom!

Facebook fans 88K

Twitter followers 5.6K

Instagram Followers 3K

  1. TeacherCast by Jeffrey Bradbury

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

The TeacherCast is designed for both the seasoned teachers who are looking for some great resources as well as the teachers who are unsure of how to start incorporating newly developed 21st Century skills into their classroom. This blog also helps them get to know the latest websites and apps that are driving today’s classrooms.

Facebook fans 1.7K

Twitter followers 26.4K

  1. From the Pond

Location: Georgia, United States

Designed for K-3 teachers, from the pond provides printable K-3 teaching resources and clipart to the teachers.

Facebook fans 21.1K

Instagram Followers 45.4K

  1. The Whiteboard Blog - Education, Technology and Science CPD and Support

Location: United Kingdom

The Whiteboard blog is written by Danny Nicholson, an experienced teacher with over 15 years teaching/training experience in primary, secondary and special schools all over the UK. Herein, he writes about everything from the use of ICT in science to digital storytelling in class.

Facebook fans 5.3K

Twitter followers 12.5K

  1. Middleweb

The Middleweb blog provides resources for teachers, school leaders, parents and others interested in success of young students.

Twitter followers – 13.1K

  1. Autism Classroom Resources

Location: United States

This is perfect place for teachers dealing with students with autism. Here , Research Meets the Classroom. Frequency 1 post / month Blog Follow

Facebook fans 24.2K

Twitter followers 53K

  1. Resourceaholic | Math Education Blog

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Resourceaholic is a go-to place for math teachers as it is filled with ideas and resources for teaching secondary mathematics. With everything from Star Wars puzzles to mathematical handwriting, it's an award-winning blog for all things in mathematics.

Facebook fans 1.4K

Twitter followers 32K

Instagram Followers 476

  1. Imagination Soup | Kids Book Blog

Location: Denver, Colorado, United State

Melissa is mom, former elementary teacher, literacy trainer, and writer who love reading, writing, & kids’ books. Through, Imagination Soup, she shares fun learning ideas, activities, and book reviews for kids.

Facebook fans 31.5K

Twitter followers 30.5K

  1. The Master Teacher Blog

Location: Manhattan, Kansas, United States.

The Master Teacher Blog is one of the leading providers of Continuous Professional Development in the K-12 market. For almost 50 years, they are offering comprehensive, flexible professional development solutions that meet school and district needs. Their onsite, online, print, and workshop-driven solutions provide opportunities for ongoing learning and collaboration throughout the year.

Facebook fans 2.8K

Twitter followers 1.8K

  1. DyKnow

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

DyKnow is classroom management software that helps educators monitor devices, defeat distractions, & keep students on-task. It offers helpful articles, webinars, and resources curated by the Dyknow team with Teachers, Tech Coaches and Administrators in mind.

Twitter followers 2.2K

  1. Shelley Gray Teaching

Location: Canada

Shelley Gray, a mom and teacher started this blog with a motto to make math learning exciting, meaningful, and engaging. On her blog, both teachers and parents can find valuable teaching resources, ideas and reflections from an early year’s perspective.

Facebook fans 36.2K

Twitter followers 645

  1. Lisa Nielsen | The Innovative Educator

Location: Manhattan, New York, United States

Lisa Nielsen is the face behind this modern blog. To her school boring , therefore, she writes and tries to inspire teachers through her blogs that talks about innovative technologies and ideas that any teacher can use in the classroom.

Facebook fans 1.1K

Twitter followers 31.9K

  1. The Applicious Teacher

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

A teaching resource blog dedicated to helping fellow elementary teachers to not just get through the day, but to make every day count. Engaging products, funny posts, and everything and anything classroom organization, this teacher, wife, and mother brings the content in a realistic, simplistic, and humorous approach.

Facebook fans 41.9K

Twitter followers 918

Instagram Followers 16.2K

  1. The Educator Blog - Blog for teachers by teachers

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

The Educator Blog is a blog especially designed for teachers; and are written by teachers for teachers. This blog also offer the latest news, teaching resources and latest jobs.

Facebook fans 7.6K

Twitter followers 1.5K

  1. Daily Edventures

Location: Redmond, WA

Daily Edventures is the blog of Microsoft’s Vice President of Education, Anthony Salcito. He works with several educational institution and partners globally to embrace technology to optimize learning environments and student achievement .Mr. Anthony posts daily, spotlighting the everyday heroes in the education that he comes across with.

Twitter followers- 380K

  1. Brilliant or insane : Education on the Edge

Location: Cleveland,Ohio,U.S.

Brilliant or insane is published by author/education speaker –Coach Mark Barnes and remarkable team of writers. The blog covers most education topics, with edgy opinion about education technology, innovation, leadership, social media integration, progressive education practices, assessments and more.

Twitter followers- 89K

  1. Fairy Dust Teaching Blog

Location: Oklahoma, United States

Fairy Dust Teaching Blog is a Kindergarten Teacher Blog where the passionate early childhood educator shares ideas with teachers, homeschooling families and people in the arts!

Facebook fans 65.3K

Twitter followers 11.2K

Instagram Followers 45.4K

  1. Teaching Heart Blog | From a Mom with a Teaching Heart

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States

The Teaching Heart Blog was started in 1998 as a place for Colleen Gallagher (an elementary teacher) to store and share her lessons. However, the purpose of the site is to help all people that work with children, be it a teacher, a soon to be teacher or a student teacher through sharing different ideas, links, lessons, and activity sheets upon request of other teachers.

Facebook fans 78.7K

Twitter followers 307

  1. Runde's Room | An educational blog

Location: Canada

Runde’s Room was started by Jen; a grade school teacher. She is passionate about teaching and sharing her upper grade classroom ideas and resources on her blog. She creates fun and engaging rigorous activities for her students that keep learning fun, especially in literacy, math and the arts. Jen`s blog is full of ideas and is engaging for instructors of all kinds!

Facebook fans 20.7K

Twitter followers 358

Instagram Followers 9.1K

  1. ICTEvangelist

Location: Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Founded by Mark Anderson, an award-winning blogger, author, consultant and speaker, on his blog combine his knowledge of technology and teaching to share his passion of learning and tech innovation. Besides, Mark uses his blog to give classroom advice for educators, app ideas to encourage learning, and personal anecdotes.

Facebook fans 2.2K

Twitter followers 54.9K

  1. Irish Primary Teacher Blog

Location: Ireland

The Irish Primary Teacher blog was setup by Niamh as a place to record things that worked well or the tips/ideas he had myself or was shared with him. However, this blog is full of advices, supports, and resources for teachers in Ireland.

Facebook fans 24.9K

Twitter followers 1.1K

Instagram Followers 18.2K

  1. Joanne Jacobs

Location: California, United States

Named after the owner, Joanne Jacobs’s blog is a place where she frequently brings up stories that are relevant to all people involved in education. Usually, her posts doesn’t have stuffs that can be helpful in a classroom, but has enough links to practical information that can be used by teachers.

Twitter followers 4.1K

  1. David Didau: The Learning Spy | Brain food for the thinking teacher

Location: Bristol, England, United Kingdom

Owned by David Didau, the Learning Spy is widely recognized as one of the most influential education blogs in the UK and has won a number of awards. This blog was created out of frustration seeing the current status of education to help teachers better their teaching process.

Twitter followers 482

  1. Teacherhead

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Written by Tom Sherrington, a head teacher and teacher in London, this blog explores contemporary ideas in teaching and learning and school leadership. He writes about everything from ideas for teaching to grading lessons.

Twitter followers 303

  1. First Grade Blue Skies - Now soaring in Kindergarten

Location: Alabama, United States

First Grade Blue Skies blog is dedicated to making learning fun. Through her write ups Jennifer, the owner, tries to provide ideas and freebies for teachers along with great packs on TPT!

Facebook fans 24.3K

Twitter followers 3.8K

Instagram Followers 48.7K

  1. Nik's Learning Technology Blog

Location: United Kingdom

Nik’s Learning Technology blog has numerous pieces on the use of educational technology in language learning and teaching.

Facebook fans 18.9K

Twitter followers 19.7K

  1. The French Corner

Location: New York, United States

The French Corner is a blog for French teachers to learn about resources, lesson plan ideas, and interact with other French teachers located in any corner of the globe.

Facebook fans 1.6K

  1. Teacher Tom | Teaching And Learning From Preschoolers

Location: Seattle, Washington, United States

The Teacher Tom is a blog started by Thomas Hobson, a preschool teacher, blogger, speaker, artist, and author of Teacher Tom's First Book. Thomas was inspired by the idea of helping thousands of educators to take their financial futures into their own hands almost as much as the idea of creating thousands of high-quality preschools.

Facebook fans 69.9K

Twitter followers 5.1K

  1. Teacher by the Beach

Location: Florida, United States

Jen's blog is a place where all her passion comes together, she is a girl who loves teaching. She is a first grade teacher teaching in sunshine state. Facebook fans 12.7K

Instagram Followers 16.4K

  1. Magical Maths

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Magical Math is a fun and friendly site that was set up in early 2007 to act as a learning hub for teachers around the world. The site receives thousands of visits per day, and has developed into an influential educational site where educators across the globe share resources and strategies.

Facebook fans 3.8K

Twitter followers 11.6K

  1. Toronto Teacher Mom

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Launched in 2006, Toronto Teacher Mom blog features articles on Diana, the founder’s family adventures as well as reviews on the latest and greatest. Her award-winning blog also teaches something new inside and outside of the classroom each day. Frequency

Facebook fans 2.6K

Twitter followers 18.5K

Instagram Followers 4.2K

  1. Eduwonk | Education News, Analysis, and Commentary

Location: Virginia City, Nevada, United States

Eduwonk is a blog of ideas, analysis, and commentary about education policy and politics. This blog is written by Andrew J. Rotherham. A 2006 Education Week study found it to be one of the most influential information sources in education and the most influential education blog.

Facebook fans 2.6K

Twitter followers 23.3K

  1. The Confident Teacher

Location: New York, England, United Kingdom

The confident Teacher is a blog that help develop successful habits of mind, body and pedagogy. It has plenty of resources trying to fill the reading and vocabulary gaps.

Twitter followers 53.3K

  1. Angela Maiers Blog

Location: Castle Rock, Colorado, United States

Angela Maiers founded Choose2Matter to bring the world hope by helping every individual embrace their value and potential contribution. It is one of the most useful blogs around; here, Angela presents tons of information that can literally be taken into the classroom the very next day. It's almost like having a professional education consultant sitting in the next room.

Twitter followers 144.6K

  1. Kleinspiration Connecting Tradition and Technology

Location: Michigan, United States

Erin Klien is the face of the blog; she's an award-winning educator, national keynote speaker, author and mother. Her blog, Kleinspiration, covers almost everything- from fun and useful tools to handy teacher tips and learning advice.

Twitter followers 77.6K

  1. Time 4 Kindergarten

Location: California, United States

Time 4 kindergarten is a blog designed for kindergarten teachers. It is rich in resources for math, literacy, language arts, common core and more.

Facebook fans 8.3K

Twitter followers 2.6K

Instagram Followers 5.3K

  1. Fabulous Classroom | Educational Resources for Parents & Teachers

Location: Highland Park, Illinois, United States

Fabulous classroom is the perfect destination for busy teacher or parent looking for fabulous educational resources and deals. It has a variety of educational resources to help them.

Facebook fans 2.8K

Twitter followers 4.7K

  1. Peas in a Pod Lessons

Run by a teacher, Peas in a pod was introduced in an effort to make teaching less overwhelming. The blog creates a variety of resources, ideas, lessons, and step by step directions to help teachers out.

Facebook fans 761

Instagram Followers 4.3K

  1. The Jose Vilson

Location: New York, United States

The face of the blog - Jose Vilson, is a math educator, activist, father, and author of “This Is Not A Test.” His blog community consists of educators, activists, and intelligent allies from all walks of life. They respect the pinions of others, and try to find progress and positivity in a major way.

Facebook fans 3.3K

Twitter followers 39.8K

Instagram Followers 4.7K

  1. Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch

Location: Massachusetts, United States

Kathy Schrock’s Kaffeeklatsch has been named after its founder Kathy Schrock. She had been a school district Director of Technology, an instructional technology specialist, and a middle school, academic, museum, and public library librarian. She's been involved with technology to support teaching and learning since the early 1990's! In her blog, she delivers the same to help and support teacher.

Twitter followers 61.7K

  1. A Modern Teacher

Location: Texas, United States

A Modern Teacher is a blog managed by April .She is here to empower you with resources and simple solutions for your classroom and your home. She has an incredible passion for helping teachers organize and plan with ease.

Facebook fans 18.8K

Twitter followers 276

Instagram Followers 36.2K

  1. Pencils Books and Dirty Look

It is an elementary school classroom designed blog that appeals passionate teachers who love working with young kids. The blog regularly features personal classroom anecdotes and teaching materials.

Facebook fans 1.8K

Instagram Followers 1.8K

  1. Madly Learning

Location: Hamilton, New Jersey, United States

Madly learning is run by Patti, a grades 4-5 teacher and loves to integrate different types of technology into her classroom. Her colourful yet engaging website is a definite pick-me-up, and her bubbly tone about teaching and life in general will make you want to add her blog to your bookmarks tab!

Facebook fans 2.3K

Twitter followers 461

Instagram Followers 7.2K

  1. Loop blog

Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Dedicated towards improving student outcomes, the loop platform enables Student Voice to increase engagement and performance retention at education institutions.

  1. misscalcul8

A brand new teacher, Miss Cal.Q.L8 is learning how to do the whole education thing. Her blog is a reflection of that, and it's going to be fun to watch her grow through the next few years.

Twitter followers 3.3K

  1. Kids Math Teacher

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

Kids math Teacher is founded by Lucy Ravitch. She is the Children's Book Author, Kids Math Teacher, Teacher Blogger, and Math Enthusiast. The blog focuses on activities, resources, themes, and more for anyone who teaches math to children.

Twitter followers 1.2K

  1. Wonders in Kindergarten

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kindergarten is an exciting learning adventure where many wonders, explorations, and investigations take place. Anamaria Ralph is passionate about inquiry and play based learning, and greatly inspired by the Reggio approach to learning. She learns and practice these classroom techniques and shares them same on her blog.

Twitter followers 3.2K

  1. Open Parachute

Location: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Open Parachute focuses on mental health and creates online video-based wellbeing program. Their Programs are designed to support the mental health of students, parents, and teachers with separate programs from Grades 6 through 12. Besides these, Dr,Hayle have created youth and practitioner intervention programs in Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia, and have just released a mental health curriculum program for middle and high school students that is being run in schools in Canada, the US, and Australia.

  1. My Great Teacher

Location: United Kingdom

My Great Teacher blog is an emotional intelligence and resilience blog that focuses on research-based articles that help teachers live life to its fullest-spiritually, intellectually and emotionally.

  1. Special 2 Me

This blog is about a wife/daughter/mother/sister/friend who happens to be a Special Education Resource Specialist Teacher. It is perfect place to follow the adventures of a special ed teacher in L.A., and learn inspirational ideas to teach better.

  1. Teacher Gems | Websites For Elementary Students

Teacher Gems is a huge collection of teaching resources and websites for elementary students. One may find the best writing centers for elementary students as well as special education resources and more.

Facebook fans 5.3K

Instagram Followers 1.1K

  1. Successful Teaching

Location: Greenville, South Carolina USA

Successful teaching blog has tons of links and information that is directly applicable to use in the classroom. The ideas and strategies available on the blog are to help new and struggling teachers.

Twitter followers 1.3K

  1. Creative Connections For Kids by Kristi Delp

Location: Missouri, United States

Kristi Delp – the coordinator and parent educator for Parents as Teachers (PAT) manages this blog. With over 20 years of experience and a master's degree in early childhood special education, she shares valuable advice and insight on everything from fun family recipes and parenting tips to games and activities that develop motor skills.

Facebook fans 6.9K

Twitter followers 1.2K

  1. Musing Mathematically

Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

The Musing Mathematically blog put forward thoughts concerning the teaching and learning of mathematics

Twitter followers 6K

  1. 140 Learning

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The 140 Learning blogs comprises of resources extracted out of Stepan Pruchnicky's professional learning. It has thoughts that take more than 140 characters to express.

Twitter followers 2.4K

  1. Rescue the teacher, Save the child

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States

Whether you are a new or seasoned teacher, a parent, an administrator, or you are curious about teacher issues, this blog by Paula Baack is for you.

  1. Mr. P's ICT blog | Tech to raise standards!

Location: United Kingdom

Mr.P’s ICT blog is about using iPads to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom, especially Primary Education. Mr. P, the owner of the blog is a primary teacher and iPad advocate.

Facebook fans 186.5K

Twitter followers 41.6K

Instagram Followers 34.9K

  1. The Daring English Teacher

The Daring English Teacher is run by Christina. She is a full-time high school English teacher, wife, and mother. With more than a decade of teaching experience, she focuses on providing engaging, robust, and differentiated learning experiences to her students and the educational community through her blog.

Facebook fans 11.5K

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  1. Literacy and Laughter

Mrs. Rider, the writer, teach All Day Kindergarten. Her passion is teaching literacy skills to young children and one can see them learning and growing together, with love and laughter. This is what she writes about on her blog to help guide teachers and make them practice her techniques. Facebook fans - 962

  1. The African Teacher

Location: Port Harcourt, Rivers, Nigeria

African teachers are in dire need to rise at par with their counterparts across the globe, embracing technology and innovations that make learning impactful and seamless for school children. And this blog offers a learning Centre for all teachers across the African continent and beyond.

  1. Herding Kats in Kindergarten

The blogger Jennifer shares her ideas, tips and freebies on Herding Kats In Kindergarten.

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  1. Discover Educator Network(DEN BLOGS)

DEN is a global community of educators passionate about teaching digital media, sharing resources, collaborating, and networking. It has around 10, 00, 00 members to provide professional development training to 6, 00,000 members. It not only connects teachers both on-line and in-person but also grants access to its wide range of resources, professional development activities, networking opportunities, exclusive events and more.

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  1. WYZFOX | Wisefox | Online Tutoring | Online Tuition

Location: London, England, United Kingdom

Wyzfox blog offers professional one to one tutoring for children worldwide from Year 1 all the way to A Level. It brings the very best educational professionals at a time to suit you and your children, all from the comfort of your own home. Wyzfox is based in an innovative learning management system which allows the tutor and the pupil to interact via live video streaming.

  1. Primary Graffiti

Location: United States

Primary Graffiti, a beautifully designed blog is a great resource for teachers who work in looping classrooms or who are responsible for teaching several different grades throughout the day. The blog offers classroom ideas and lesson plans alongside management tips.

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  1. Busy Bees

Location: United Kingdom

Written by a second grade teacher and a kindergarten teacher, the Busy Bees blog is designed to help teachers with curriculum and planning.

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  1. The Resource Teacher

Run by Natasha, the resource teacher blog is full of tips, tricks and the information about life of a special educator and teacher!

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