Changes required for the Indian Universities

Changes required for the Indian UniversitiesWe are familiar with a phrase known as “India is a mixed economy”. As like our economy, our education system is a cocktail of Private as well as public sector. India is a vast country where we have huge importance to our education. Now-a-days, due to political consequences we are missing the essence of the purest form of Education.

Recently, Mr Sam Pitroda, Advisor to our prime minister framed that “Indian universities have 19th century mind-sets”. How many of you will agree with this? Do we really having this kind of mind-set? Not actually right? As like we have great political power, great financial power, we are also a great educational dictators. 

We have better advancements in technology when compared to 19th century. We have young talented people who are capable of representing entire country with a single handily  in any international seminars or competitions. Yet, I have to support Mr. Sam because our Indian education system needs to be changed. We have very good teachers but they stick to old ideas. Teaching strategies are to be changed with the technology. I have clearly posted the necessity of improving the education system in India. 

Our education system must provide the flexibility where students can work while studying as like in other countries. As many people are saying Indian education is in its desired path means how come they can’t cope up with overseas university standards?

 “We are running out of resources, encouragement, technology and also research. That’s the reason why we have many GRE students who are appearing higher education in other countries”. I clearly say that until we change the so called lazy process of developing education in India we cannot compete with world class competitions. 

“If we are really great competitors, then why can’t we develop a mobile phone which beats ahead of the Apple iPhone?” All the regulations that control education system must create a benchmark and should see their progress with respect to other countries.

We have many universities in India which don’t follow certain standards. Universities must be in a position to encourage research works, conducting technical seminars and provide them some top class internship programs to elevate the students with their cutting edge. There are many people in India who thinks of doing a program for 4 year is a big issue because they are not satisfied with the knowledge that they are obtaining from those 4 years is considered to be as a time waste with lots of unnecessary subjects in that period.  Every student want his resume to be very special when compared to other people. So it is the minimum responsibility of a university to give chances to the students. Students are exposed to their knowledge until they are tested for.

Universities should provide webcasts of experienced professor from other universities or from other countries weekly on relevant or emerging topics. It gives students to think out-of-box. We should not force any student to think but we have to motivate them as a mentor to think which enables them to think in general.

Unlike, we have integrated PG programs which offer under graduation and post-graduation in 4 years in fewer colleges, we must acquire this functionality in every university with a prevised syllabus discussed by Student representative, faculty members and respective authorities. To get the general idea on other subject roots, it should be appreciated if they provide weekly classes on non-core subjects. We, as students should demand the government to follow required prerequisites in any university level colleges help students to select their interested field of interests.  
Example:  In every level education we have plenty of selective subjects where students are allowed to select their field of interest. But faculty in their colleges are forcing students to selective certain subjects which are familiar to the faculty. We should not allow doing this kind of things because we have different mind-sets of people in our college.

Students are the future human missiles and should be used well to achieve success in any aspect.

Things to be followed by the universities to achieve top class teaching standards:

1.Universities are not only used for education but also serve as knowledge bases.

2.Should provide internships, research programs, technical meets, web casts, project departments, idea rooms etc.,

3.Lecturers should follow recent technical teaching methods rather than old Mass Lecture Strategies.

4.Bring motivation among students.

5.“No corruption, full co-operation” should be followed for a successful institution.

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