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Biggest EdTech Company in South Korea

Unwavering commitment, result-focused learning programs, experience-based methodologies, state-of-the-art technologies, continuous research and innovation, and excellent support system; these are the things that help a company to stand out and thrive in their domain.

When it comes to a learning-focused company, the learning process and its outcomes are the key ROI. Adaptable curriculum, engaging learning methods and, activities with real-world experiences paired with instructional support have proven to sow the seeds of success for an EdTech company. Not only has Chungdahm Learning been doing that since its founding in 1998, but it has also taken the responsibility of levelling the playfield for other players in the EdTech sector.

As one of South Korea’s largest EdTech companies, it was established to revolutionize the country’s ESL (English as a Second Language) industry. The company has today become the ESL knowledge-industry leader and a leading smart learning solutions provider in the global market.

Chungdahm Learning (CDL) has a forte spanning past ESL products and services. Content creation, smart classrooms, digital textbook authoring, CMS, ICT solutions, recruiting and training are but the tip of the iceberg in their services vertical. It operates premium brands like Chungdahm Institute, April Institute, and i-Garten for the K-12 segment; each offering a distinctive curriculum developed in-house and integrated with smart learning solutions to cultivate 21st-century talents in the digital age of digitalization.

Chungdahm Institute – This brand caters to 4th to 12th-grade students (ages 10-18). The learning program offered by this brand focuses on building language skills (analysis and argumentation, critical/creative speaking & writing), thinking skills (problem-solving, image interpretation, image creation), and knowledge (academic subjects and current issues). This Chungdahm program makes extensive use of mobile-based technologies and smart textbooks. During class, student responses and media are shared between peers in real-time. Students are offered the flexibility to learn at home through various self-paced e-learning activities.

April Institute – This brand of Chungdahm serves K to 6-grade students (ages 6-12) offering cross-curricular content in social sciences, math, science, health, art, PE, and 108 global elementary school topics. This learning program aims to help students develop ESL skills, creative thinking, and topic knowledge. Chungdahm’s April program incorporates interactive functions using smart TV and smartboard technologies to enhance the educational experience.

i-Garten – Chungdahm’s i-Garten offers learning programs for Pre-K to Kindergarten grades (ages 3-6) focusing to help students develop core language skills, imaginative thinking, subject knowledge, and global culture. It integrates a theme-based program called i-Play enabling young learners to learn through play-by-creating and building their own imaginary world.

Chungdahm’s Loudclass solution has replaced textbooks with tablet computers for all students and teachers. Loudclass allows teachers to develop powerful, interactive textbooks, add rich media content and create interactive questions to engage students in real-time, while administrators can store and organize all information related to the school and students.

Chungdahm Learning also incorporates other special programs like SELP (Smart Expression Learning Program) to help build speaking and writing abilities; Blue Springs to provide an ESL environment for children aged 4-7 years; Let Me Fly to help improve children’s imaginative thinking skills, descriptive speaking, and writing skills; and Clueville, a self-learning English learning centre and program targeted at Pre-K and elementary school students.

CDL’s ESL thinking content and smart classroom solutions have opened doors to countries far beyond Asia. Its subsidiary – CMS Edu – has dominated the Korean STEM market with its creativity-based math program and is now looking to shift its focus to the global market.

Chungdahm Learning’s Global Reach

Chungdahm Learning is a global education service company. Since its incorporation in 2002, the company has launched numerous notable educational products and services, entered partnerships, and opened learning centres across Korea and abroad. It got listed on KOSDAQ in 2008.

In 2015, Chungdahm entered the Vietnamese market to set up an ESL learning centre in cooperation with a local partner. Today, its partner has become an ESL education leader in Vietnam holding the largest market share of the premium ESL market, with 50 learning centres and over 20,000. Chungdahm has recently opened smart ESL learning centres in Shanghai and Tokyo. Besides its headquarters in Seoul, the company has global offices in Boston, Irvine, Manila, Hanoi, Shanghai, and Vancouver.

Having found its niche in many global markets, the South Korean company is now set to enter the Indian market. CDL is looking for Indian partners to reach out to schools and students in the country. Any Indian EdTech company looking to expand its portfolio is welcome to explore and join the Chungdahm Learning India Partner Search Program.

Chungdahm Learning currently has over 130,000 students and 1500 instructors. It has recruited and trained over 7,000 native instructors since 2004. With annual revenues crossing $150 million, as of 2019, the company is set to lead the global market in ESL and smart learning solutions.

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