How Blogging Can Help Students - Powerful Benefits

We all know, students of most ages and levels enjoy being online in just about any form.

Bringing blogging into classroom could benefit the students in the most unexpected way. It can motivate students in to take an active part in their learning. Not only this, with this amazing technology tool, but students can also work online completing writing projects, journaling, collaborating with other students, and even keeping track of and turning in assignments; and even more. You could suggest the following blogging sites to create their own blogs: Edmodo, WordPress, Weebly, etc. 

Through this piece, we bring to you several other powerful benefits of blogging that will help your students perform better both in education and in future.

Blogging Exercises Student Creativity 

One of the most beneficial aspects of blogging is that it allows people to express and hone their creativity. It has the capability of turning a boring paper into a fun creative process. When blogging students need to think and be as creative as they could to develop unique and original content, solve problems, express their perspective and personality visually through custom themes, headers, layouts, designs, and pictures, respond to their follower’s feedback and comments. Besides, it’s also a fun and innovative process in which students can coalesce much of what they have learned. Regular Writing Sharpens the Brain 

Many specialists acclaim that daily writing of either contents, thoughts, experiences, fantasies, or anything else improves and sharpens ones brain’s performance. It also helps connect the dots better and faster. So, you should encourage each of your students to develop their personal blog and create a portfolio around it – it’ll help enhance their curriculum vitae. 

Promotes Self-Expression 

When we talk about the traditional classroom, the student’s audience is mainly the teacher, classmates and sometimes parents. But, when blogging students can reach a broader audience and can receive constructive feedback.      

Basically, blogging gives students purpose which is a crucial aspect of every person’s motivation. Also, when a student starts a platform, s/he’ll feel the need to consistently provide his audience with good information which can’t be found in the traditional classroom learning system and that promotes self-expression. 

Blogging Boosts Confidence 

As aforesaid, blogging help students express themselves, and in due course becomes a source of confidence. It has also been reported that individuals who own blogs have seen critical changes in their lives. To be precise, their confidence level has gone up. They no longer fear to speak their mind out, and they feel less pressure to conform to the standards.

Improves Communication Skills 

Writing isn’t about penning down the words of the mind, it’s simply a type of communication that people use to exchange their thoughts and feelings with others. For instance, if your students write something for their blog every day, they’ll express their thoughts and feelings on a consistent basis. The more they practice through blogging, the better they’ll be at communicating. Also, it will help them have a better command over the language.

Helps Students Learn Better 

Blogging can be a good option to check your students’ understanding of any topic or to make them learn better. You can ask your students to write a summary of what has been taught on their blog as a well-written summary gives the reader a clear picture of the text it summarizes. If not up to the mark, you can ask them to write again and again until the summary becomes ‘meaningful’. In other words, until the written-piece communicates effectively. And in due process, they learn the topic in the most effortless manner. 

Fosters a Love of Writing 

By asking your students to write using the tools they already love, rather promoting couch writing within a safe context; they might actually find it to be fun. And then, they are more likely to actively participate. When they actively participate, they learn to write better, gain confidence. Lastly; it will foster a love of writing. 

Helps Earn Income! 

One completely different aspect of blogging is it can make your students earn. Yes; indeed, writing is a skill that never goes away. It can take your student’s blog to the next level by making them do affiliate marketing, e-commerce, consulting, and so on. 

A quick look through a few other benefits: 

  • Promotes autonomous learning by providing opportunities for students to take more control of their learning. 
  • Motivates students to become better readers and writers. 
  • Promotes discussion among students. 
  • Encourages the use of the Internet and the Web among students  

Have you experienced any other benefits?  Do let us know in the comment section. 

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Author: Saniya Khan
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